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I've moved, and I have a suspicion there's a cam girl a few doors down--how do I approach discovering if that's the case?
Let me clarify. I'm looking to make a friend, and I'm asking for advice on how to approach discovering if we have a shared interest. That could entail an invasion of privacy, or not. If I climb a tree to peer in her window... that's an invasion! If I post "Camgirls in <town>, I just moved and I'd love to meet up", that would not. The latter is the spirit with which I asked my first question. So, any ideas? :)
This might be one of those times where you become friends organically or not at all. I would never respond to a local "hey cam girls, let's meet" ad for any reason and i'd most likely be leary of someone wanting to be friends because we're both cammers. That's just me. Maybe post this on the forum to get a wider scope of answers. :)
i say just introduce yourself when you ever come across each other like neighbors do. make some small talk. if work evre comes up, mention you cam, and see how she reacts.
Ended last week at 11,892 tokens. pretty great! Now I'm gonna go for the same goal this week!
Rank goal for September: 450
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