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  1. Always_Tim

    I actually really like No Man's Sky

    Most of it is exploring or base building. (And a bunch of gathering/farming/crafting materials to be able to build stuff.) There are a few short quest lines that you have to go through to unlock stuff and a few story-related quest lines, although they're pretty skimpy. Most of the story is...
  2. Always_Tim

    Favorite Farm Fresh In- Season Produce?

    There's nothing I enjoy more than a perfect apricot. Alas apricot season is brief and most growers choose to grow the bland tasteless varieties that keep well and ship to stores with minimal damage, so I only get good apricots for 2–3 weeks. (And only at the farmers market. I wish my mom still...
  3. Always_Tim

    I actually really like No Man's Sky

    Third person does feel good for the most part, although I've had a few weird targeting issues while using it. I've gone back to first person for now; hopefully they improve third person soon. Also, there are a ton of bugs in NEXT (just as there have been in all the major updates). They've...
  4. Always_Tim

    I actually really like No Man's Sky

    I enjoy NMS. Heck, I even enjoyed it back in the early days before they added bases and freighters and ground-based vehicles and portals and so on. It's certainly a hell of a lot better with all that stuff though and there's no way I'd want to go back to the early versions. :) I'm really...
  5. Always_Tim

    Hairy Cam Girls/Puffy Areola..

    I'm still waiting for those TPS reports @AwesomeKate! And if you could try to remember to put the new coversheets on them that would be great.
  6. Always_Tim

    Female Nudity Movies

    The Westworld TV show (not the 1970s movie) is absolutely full of cocks. Mostly giant ones, mostly without pubic hair. The women (well, robots with female appearance) on the other hand always have lots of pubic hair so you can't really see anything. Maybe they're saving the pussy for season 2. :)
  7. Always_Tim

    The Orville

    Oops. That should say "without" :)
  8. Always_Tim

    The Orville

    So far it's watchable. They need to figure out what balance they want to strike between humor and drama. It's balancing in an uncomfortable middle ground right now. Alara's makeup and prosthetics are not great. They should fix that. Bortus and his husband (I've forgotten his name) look good...
  9. Always_Tim

    Female Doctor Who

    Gatiss and Moffat have similar problems with their writing. They try too hard to be cleverer and end up with something that doesn't work out when it's actually filmed. And they both like the whole "if you believe/love hard enough, then the monster who is programed to blow everyone up will...
  10. Always_Tim

    Female Doctor Who

    Some of his Torchwood episodes in Series 1 were pretty bad but he made up for that with a string of excellent episodes in Series 2. His Doctor Who episodes so far have been kind of average. Nothing wrong with them, but not great either. He does have some good experience as a head writer and...
  11. Always_Tim

    Female Doctor Who

    Moffat was a great episode writer when RTD was running the show. He wrote many of my favorite 9th/10th Doctor episodes. I also really enjoyed what he did with Series 5. That might be my favorite season yet. But he used up most of his ideas and hasn't had a really solid season since. He...
  12. Always_Tim

    Anyone getting a VR headset?

    I have PSVR. It’s fun, but there’s not a huge amount of content out there yet. A lot of fun hour-long games though. It’s pretty expensive but I imagine it’ll drop a hundred bucks by next March.
  13. Always_Tim

    Javascript is dead? Oh no......

    JavaScript and java have nothing whatsoever to do with each other. Whoever named JavaScript was a moron for giving it that confusing name. Every browser supports JavaScript and will forever. Java has been dead as a dodo for a while now. But pretty much no site has used it in years. You're...
  14. Always_Tim

    I Made a Model Cry...

    She would need a visa to visit the US. That's what a visa is for. (Unless you're a citizen of a country that participates in the US visa waiver program, in which case you can visit for a few months, as long as you don't work while you're here.) Getting a visa to visit the US is time consuming...
  15. Always_Tim

    Suggestions for PS4 games without references to real life war

    I somehow left out The Witcher III, my favorite current-gen RPG! Great fantasy setting, excellent writing and voice acting. Swords and crossbows in a northern European setting.