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  1. Ann_Sulu

    Problem with FPS

    It's strange the speeds are different. I'm not on CB but three things that easily drop my fps are: 1) A program in the background running. For a long while I had no idea how much damage NVidia dealt to my stream. 2)Internet history needing cleaned. ^Reboot if it doesn't improve right away...
  2. Ann_Sulu

    The Sorting Hat: What House Are You?

    @MollyMidnight oh yes! I certainly wouldn't discount values. I don't believe that it would be likely for one to wind up in a completely "value-opposite" house. It would at least make sure they got something out of it. For instance it makes sense for Percy Weasley since he is a control freak. He...
  3. Ann_Sulu

    Do you thnk it would be wrong for a guy to date his sister's ex-girlfriend?

    Not wrong but I but they would probably get a lot of awkward and likely many frustrating conversations. I've known siblings who've dated a former partner of the other. I remember them getting teased for it and asked very uncomfortable personal questions. "Were you thinking about her/him while...
  4. Ann_Sulu

    Money transfer options, pls help!

    Dwolla recently dropped my account. I messaged Extralunchmoney and they reported they were looking for a new payment option.
  5. Ann_Sulu

    The Sorting Hat: What House Are You?

    @Siren Good to know! ^.^
  6. Ann_Sulu

    The Sorting Hat: What House Are You?

    @Siren I have gotten to about chapter 20 and it's cute for sure. Seems my favorite character got pushed out though. Sorry Ron. Loved his take charge attitude in the books along with his well timed humor. Unfortunately he didn't get that in the films. Harry and Heromione become a bit much when...
  7. Ann_Sulu

    The Sorting Hat: What House Are You?

    People other than myself think this sounds like this description of a wand that belongs in porn too right? Yay! Gryffindor here! We can be crazy Patronus dog ladies together! I don't own a plushy pup but I have other types and a cat who likes to go on walks with a leash and play fetch! Same...
  8. Ann_Sulu

    Abusive Member List - Streamate

    I'll go ahead and start with the jackass I had to report and ban last Friday. I'm out with my family but nobody should threaten doxxing anyone.
  9. Ann_Sulu

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    @Brett M Even if they all were always huge whale tippers it would still be rude as hell.
  10. Ann_Sulu

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    @ElaySmith I can't decide whether its a like or a hug so I'mma leave this here. :inlove:
  11. Ann_Sulu

    Certain Models Paid extra to appear?

    @thewill555 No, they don't get paid extra to appear.
  12. Ann_Sulu

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    @THE MOLLIE MARIE That awkward moment when you go to premium for the first time but didn't notice because no pop-up/window maximizing so you're wondering how long the member has been waiting on you in paid chat.
  13. Ann_Sulu

    MFC, Body tipe, Curvy models

    @mattbb29 I'm not trying to start drama here (I promise!) You are correct that it's generally more often that fit looking women tend to get placed higher at the top. I think this could've been better worded as "appearing fit and healthy by mainstream standards." Something along those lines...
  14. Ann_Sulu

    What ORIGINAL "Locations" Have You Seen?

    I used to say Cloud City to everyone but then they'd go on and on trying to figure out details. Now when asked I say "The US " and quickly ask where from. If they ask what state I'm in I typically go with states of mood. "Oh, I'm in the state of frustration." If they ask again or ask to...
  15. Ann_Sulu

    MFC, Body tipe, Curvy models

    @SaffronBurke @mattbb29 My mom has been like that all her life. Aside from when she was pregnant she's always been around 110 pounds and she's my height at 5'5". I've never seen her exercise once and she's always eating unhealthy food. Some people have fast metabolisms. Some people have...