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  1. Anna_Hail

    Bluetooth toys

    I use a Lush on MFC. I initially had a hard time getting the bluetooth to stay connected. Now I'm using the chrome extension with Lovense Connect on a tablet (instead of my phone) and it's mostly fine. It gets mad and zaps me if I cross my legs. (Scares me every time! So I guess that's it's own...
  2. Anna_Hail

    Newish & friends?

    I would love to have some model friends, too. I hope y'all don't mind I've followed those of you who posted handles :) Maybe someday I'll do more than crush on your pictures and be too shy to say hello! mmmightymilf on MFC, Instagram, and Twitter
  3. Anna_Hail

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hello, all. I'm Anna. I've cammed on MFC for nearly three years and still somehow have no idea what I'm doing.