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  1. AuloraSans

    Where Do You Get Your Camming Outfits

    Thank You so much for sharing this great find. I checked out the site and they have some sexy things there.
  2. AuloraSans

    Where Do You Get Your Camming Outfits

    It would be nice if we all had users like that, sadly the demographic I attract can not afford to tip and buy things from my wish list.
  3. AuloraSans

    Where Do You Get Your Camming Outfits

    Thank you ladies for sharing all this great information,I am going to use all this information.
  4. AuloraSans

    Where Do You Get Your Camming Outfits

    I am going to go and check those places out and get some goodies. I always liked Ross for household goods. I will look in there now with different eyes lol. Thank you for sharing.
  5. AuloraSans

    Where Do You Get Your Camming Outfits

    Hello Ladies . I was wondering where are some places you purchase your outfits. I looked at Yandy AmiClub wear. I was wondering if you would not mind sharing some places to get fun and sexy gear.. Thank you ladies.
  6. AuloraSans

    What are some changes you'd like to see implemented on MFC?

    It would be nice if members at least had to give at least,10 tokens to enter our rooms. I think that would cut down on people coming, into your room and just sitting there and not doing anything.
  7. AuloraSans

    Weird fetishes?

    I love the balloon guys, Excuse me the correct term looners. Some are really fun. Some like you to pop the balloons others not so much. Gas pedal pumping is another weird one. I wonder what is behind that fetish.
  8. AuloraSans

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hi my name is Aulora Sans, I enjoy everything to do with Mermaids,Cats and Dogs. I have been told that I do not take any tea for the fever. I enjoy entertaining but do not tolerate nonsense in the least bit. My favorite X-men Characters are Beast, Jean Grey, and Storm. I am a big fan of Chicago...
  9. AuloraSans

    Your top 10 "inner stripper" songs?

    Jill Scott- In this Bed Tank- When We F__K Nikki Minaj - Only Rhianna -Work Kelly Rowland- Motivation Lil Wayne- Pop That Ciara- Body Party Wale- Bad Jeremih-Fuck You All The Time Ro-James Permission Bonus lol *** Rake it up These songs really get me going
  10. AuloraSans

    Getting ready for AVN

    Getting ready for AVN
  11. AuloraSans

    Do you still have a landline phone?

    I would sometimes pick up truck drivers on my walkie talkie or nearby police. lol
  12. AuloraSans

    The Sorting Hat: What House Are You?

    Proudly in the house of Slytherin.
  13. AuloraSans

    Have you ever worked at a hair salon?

    Yes I worked as a shampoo girl, I loved it so much the people and the tips as well.
  14. AuloraSans

    Do you like french kissing?

    No I do not need that in my life (lol).