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  1. BalleRenee

    TY very much!

    TY very much!
  2. BalleRenee

    Is Wearing Makeup Really Needed?

    Plenty of guys out there prefer s girl who isn't afraid to go all natural on cam, and confidence can go a long way. That being said, I do focus on my eyes mostly when it comes to make up, mostly color blending my eye shadow. I also have come to love false lashes because I feel like they make...
  3. BalleRenee

    Weird fetishes?

    Pretty sure I know who you're talking about. Did he claim he was a rep from some cosmetic or hair company, and that he could walk you through evening it out so it doesn't look all hacked up?
  4. BalleRenee

    Weird fetishes?

    I had one I hadn't heard before recently. He wanted a custom pic set of me acting like I was trying to get out of a sexual situation I want comfortable with, which he referred to as "begging of". Then he wanted me to move to various poses of me laying out around the room with my body limp...
  5. BalleRenee

    What songs from the 70s or 80s do you like if any

    As most have said already, anything Zepplin! I'm a big fan of The Cars as well. For the 80's, Depeche Mode, Talking Heads and The Cure. Oh, and The Clash!
  6. BalleRenee

    Non-holiday shows or movies you associate with the holidays?

    I definitely get your point, and I haven't seen it in a long time, but wasn't Gizmo technically a Christmas gift from his father in Gremlins? I think that would make it a Christmas movie if so. I like your example though, even though I try and forget the fact that prequels even exist in the...
  7. BalleRenee

    Music During Private

    Well I do always have it on when I'm in a public show, just not in my privates. In public, I try to keep it in the 70's and 80's rock genre since I assume a majority of viewers are older and I want them to stick around my room of course. I play a little 90s rock (best decade for music imo) here...
  8. BalleRenee

    Your top 10 "inner stripper" songs?

    You and me both! That man is the most talented singer/songwriter ever imo.
  9. BalleRenee

    Your top 10 "inner stripper" songs?

    Passenger is a great choice for a stripping song that I've never thought of!
  10. BalleRenee

    Music During Private

    Made the mistake of letting a customer pick the song during one of my first privates and he chose Crazy Bitch, which is quite possibly my most hated song of all time! After that I said never again, and it's been music free privates since then. I think they would rather be able to hear your voice...
  11. BalleRenee


    I think a watermark on your live stream and videos would be the best deterrent; but its really just an unavoidable occupational hazard for the most part, and there isnt much you can do to stop it unfortunately.
  12. BalleRenee

    Your top 10 "inner stripper" songs?

    Same here, and Living Dead Girl would be at the top of the list!
  13. BalleRenee

    Non-holiday shows or movies you associate with the holidays?

    IMO Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. To be considered a Christmas movie the holiday has to be integral to the plot, and they could have been having any type of party at the tower and it still would have worked. Maybe I missed something in the movie that tied it other than just aesthetics, but...
  14. BalleRenee

    Terrible movies that you enjoyed because they're terrible

    Jason X and Resident Evil 2 are movies that would fall into this category to me
  15. BalleRenee

    is MFC specially slow rn?

    It's been slow for me as well, but I figure its because its Christmas time, when people are with their families and broke lol