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  1. blayze_noir

    Is it a scam?

    I saw a documentary today called A Cam Life and in one segment they talked to some studio owners about how they train their models to make more money. One of the tactics they talked about was to join dating sites to meet guys to bring to the cam sites
  2. blayze_noir

    Members expecting meets? :O

    I've had this happen a bunch. The latest, this morning some gray is being obnoxious about the things he wants to do to me and asks where I live and if I want to me. He offered to give me his number and I dropped the ban hammer.
  3. blayze_noir

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Not so much a "things member say" but... since I started using the #mature tag. User: OMG you have a great body! Me: Thanks, glad you like. User: You are so hot, how old are you? Me: 52 <User> has left the room
  4. blayze_noir

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    I don't show face on cam so I have a ridiculous tip set for it. Today I got this: "You think someone is gonna pay 20000 to see your sorry ass face?"
  5. blayze_noir

    Private shows not recording

    I think this is clearly a bug. The steps are fairly easy to reproduce. 1) User sends the private request. 2) before accepting the request, the model goes in to settings and sets Allow Private Show Recordings: Yes. And clicks Update Settings. 3) After settings are saved model accepts private...
  6. blayze_noir

    Private shows not recording

    No. It was my user account.
  7. blayze_noir

    Private shows not recording

    Yeah, she had the tokens taken away but not refunded to me. I replied to the support email asking "how did we do? please rate our support" saying I was unsatisfied and disappointed that they took the tokens away from the model. A few hours later she emailed me saying that they returned the tokens.
  8. blayze_noir

    Private shows not recording

    So, this is not settled. CB restored the video to my collection and stole the tokens away from the model. This is ridiculous. They have a technical problem and penalize the model by taking away the tokens?
  9. blayze_noir

    Private shows not recording

    If they were asking what happened or to corroborate my story it would be ok. But, they were completely attacking the model. They basically said, "you have been accused! What do you have to say for yourself?" As a business you have many sets of customers: the consumers of your product, your...
  10. blayze_noir

    So Quiet on Cam!

    It's been slow for quite a while. Just read through the many, many posts here. It's been so bad models are having to pivot like "traditional" businesses. Many are streaming to multiple platforms, doing OnlyFans, ManyVids, Fansly, sexting, etc... Also, I have noticed some models that used to...
  11. blayze_noir

    Private shows not recording

    I had this happen on my other account. The model enabled recording for me before the private started and I got the recording saved notice afterwards. The next time I was logged in I looked at my collection and it wasn't there. The model and I discussed it and talked about what to do. So, I...
  12. blayze_noir

    Having a hard time getting creators to sign up

    The site looks nice. Totally slick wordpress or drupal template. But... From a creator POV, this site has no real focus or identity. When I look at the "creator" pages it's a slick twitter, but I still don't know what is the purpose of the site. From a user POV, I get to the landing page and...
  13. blayze_noir

    Disappearing model

    Maybe she quit camming or the quit studio. If you have some kind of relationship she'll tell you where/how to find her. Otherwise... 🤷‍♂️
  14. blayze_noir

    C2C & Last Broadcast

    Yup. C2C counts as a broadcast