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  1. britheawkward

    Your top 10 "inner stripper" songs?

    Doja cat is definitely on my list too! And of course Ariana 1. God is a woman Ariana grande 2. Fantasy Alina Baraz 3. Money villete 4. Doja cat candy 5. Realla tokkimonsta 6. One thing bassnectar 7. Feels right Alina Baraz 8. Prone masego 9. Fuck with myself banks 10. Underdog banks
  2. britheawkward

    Looking for new music, give me your favorite songs right now?

    I like a lot of different stuff but my faves right now are : Masego tadow Buzzin Alina baraz Crazy the code Walking on the moon infected mushroom Whiplash bassnectar Good times roll Griz
  3. britheawkward

    Weird fetishes?

    My list of fetishes is wise and varied I’m never shocked anymore by the requests. The only fetish I’ve been truly offended by lately was the guy who had a thing for watching girls cut their own hair short with kitchen scissors and promised that it was going to make me super mfc famous. No thanks.
  4. britheawkward

    Netflix movie CAM

    I have watched it twice now I liked it so much .. the scariest part of that movie was her not being able to log in to her account though
  5. britheawkward

    How can people send you money without paypal?

    If they are booking through mfc stick with tokens. The upfront cut is annoying sure but feeding your camscore will end up benefiting you in the long run. Most money services will freeze your account and take your funds not just PayPal. Amazon gift cards can even be fake it’s really not worth...
  6. britheawkward

    How do you go about getting private shows?

    Usually I just talk with someone for a bit and get to know them a bit.Most of the time private is a result of getting along with someone so well that I might ask how about we take this “one on one ? “ I would advise setting a minimum time for private and letting them know the minimum...
  7. britheawkward

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hey been on mfc off and on for years and have been back at it lately. I was somewhat active on these forums years ago it’s cool to see they are still poppin lol