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    Model Verification Requests

    Hello nice to meet you all
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    Tip controlled fuck machine, does it really respond to tip?

    Yes sex toy is forbidden in my country, a customer ordered me one from Amazon and got confiscated and have to bribe 4 times the cost of the lush to get it,so I rejected it, but I found a company for sex machine which ship it as a mechanic part which is easy to pass custom, but just don't know...
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    Tip controlled fuck machine, does it really respond to tip?

    Hello everyone I'm trying to find an interactive sex toy to incorporate in my show but the lovense is not allowed in my country due to the obvious look of the product and package, getting a fuck machine is easier because you can say its a mechanical part to pass custom I'm wondering does it...
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    Is it normal to not see yourself under the hashtag you choose?

    Hello everyone I choose hashtag "asian" and I try clicking on this hashtag when I'm broadcasting but I tried to look at all pages under this hashtag and I cant find myself Is this normal? I'm just curious to see myself or see if the hashtag really work thank you
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    hi there

    hi there
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    Cam is clear on my side but blurry on clients side, how can I fix this?

    Hello I have a high speed internet , when I cam I dont use OBS cause it's too complicated, I just use normal chatubate setup, clients always complain my cam is blurry or my internet is slow when on my side it's crystal clear and not lagging at all, what could I do to fix this Thank you
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    Is there a bot to greet the guest

    Thank you for your advice, I just want personalized pm for about 5-10 clients that I'm familiar with, sometime during my show and when they come in I didn't see them
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    Is there a bot to greet the guest

    I want to have a personalized pm for about 5-10 customers, sometimes during my show I didn't see them come in and Ioose the chance of getting to talk with them personally, the rest of the talk I'll type myself but just the greeting in their pm to avoid them being overlooked
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    Is there a bot to greet the guest

    Hello I have a handful of regulars which I normally greet in pm, is there a bot for that, just to say hi Because my room don't have that many people, most of the time I know them all, it would be nice to greet them
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    What lighting I need to achieve this glowing effect

    Hello everyone I've been on cb for many months now still couldnt figure the correct lighting, I bought softbox but still my room looks so dull and uninviting can you please see attached pic of my room and other successful girl , all the best model has this glowing look which I dont know how to...
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    Does IP address have any effect on ranking?

    thank you , you've explained it so clear
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    Does IP address have any effect on ranking?

    Hello This is just my curiosity , if someone cam from a third world country vs USA, does it have same effect? I noticed many girls with same style and race but cam in certain countries get less viewers versus someone who cam in usa or europe? given the same effort and schedule This is just my...
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    How can I make small cute icon next to username?

    Hello I want to make small special icon next to username of the highest tippers in my room , how can I do that? At least they would feel special, I see many rooms use that and it looks cute thank you
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    Viewers drop from 300+ to 90 in 1 second is this possible?

    Hello everyone The other day I broadcast and gradually build up to 300+ views, it happen slowly, then all of a sudden, less than 1 second it drop to 90, I couldnt believe it, never had this incident before, normally it will gradually decline, how could 200+ people get out of my room at the...