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  1. Chromatica_Jay

    Turning a photo into a web link and adding to cam page?

    God i am so utterly clueless when it comes to this! Any ideas on the simplest way to make a photo a link (so that when one clicks on the photo it takes them to the page i want) and then add this photo to my chaturbate profile? hope that makes sense!
  2. Chromatica_Jay

    Promoting my 'other' profile on different account, is it allowed?

    I have two CB performer accounts (ones cosplay). I want to be rid of one soon, but promote the one I'm keeping on the account I'm getting rid of as to bring over the followers from there. Is this allowed? Common sense says yes it should be fine, but this is Chaturbate where breathing in the...
  3. Chromatica_Jay

    Can 'Reddit' help with Chaturbate Traffic?

    basically as the question says. would promoting your CB page on reddit help get more traffic? if so where would one go about it?
  4. Chromatica_Jay

    Abusive users

    Thank you for posting this thread. I joined stripchat recently, and never have I known a site where I have had to ban so many users. But the worst is when one comes into the room (I only allow chat with those who have signed up to the site) and launches a tirade of abuse for no reason. I have...
  5. Chromatica_Jay

    Joined Stripchat, feeling abit overwhelmed!

    Chaturbates support is notoriously bad.
  6. Chromatica_Jay

    Joined Stripchat, feeling abit overwhelmed!

    150 viewers today at it's highest, not even 0.5% of them are registered lol. Up to 108 tokens. 😭 Are any males having success on this site?
  7. Chromatica_Jay

    Joined Stripchat, feeling abit overwhelmed!

    Thanks. Seem to have got the hang of most of it, I broadcast for the first time today, wasn't great, lots of compliments and fluctuating viewers (got quite high at one point) but a grand total of 12 tokens earnt 😂 this was with nearly 3 hours online. I had heard it wasn't a great site for male...
  8. Chromatica_Jay

    Joined Stripchat, feeling abit overwhelmed!

    I am not ready to broadcast yet but have set up a profile and been age verified. (I am assuming its correct that the 'new' status starts from first broadcast?) Cannot actually find the broadcast button, I am probably being incredibly stupid but where is it?! I am planning on using the Splitcam...
  9. Chromatica_Jay

    Please help my account got banned. I made a mistake. I am sorry it wont happen again.

    Are you saying your baby appeared on site? If so there is absolutely no way you are getting your account back, no amount of apologising or begging will help! You need to move on and find another site, there are many out there!
  10. Chromatica_Jay - Public Thread. New & Existing models are welcome!

    This is encouraging, I am yet to sign up, waiting for when a have atleast a good week spare to cam every day and make use of the new status. Though I have only ever heard negative things about SC outside this forum, not about support but about poor traffic and lack of paying customers.
  11. Chromatica_Jay

    Is a streamate ban 'final'?

    Do you have the email address? X
  12. Chromatica_Jay

    Is a streamate ban 'final'?

    No my friend has had no response from streamate!
  13. Chromatica_Jay

    Is a streamate ban 'final'?

    Hi in the UK!
  14. Chromatica_Jay

    Is a streamate ban 'final'?

    I am asking on behalf of a friend who has been banned from the streamate platform, this is because their partner (who is not verified on the site) was in shot of the camera for a matter of seconds. This seems completely over the top, they have tried emailing the company but got no reply, this...