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    Do you need to buy license for the music that you play on Chaturbate?

    Fair use is so you can use it for the benefit of the greater public, not for yourself This would be mostly in the name of education, knowledge, or art. A few examples: if a copyrighted work was tied to an important news, a station could play the relevant part without acquiring the rights, but...
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    Your top 3 advises for a new cam girl/boy/ts!!!

    1. Don't use your personal Instagram handle as your username 2. Don't tie your self-worth with how many tips you can get 3. You can't please everyone that comes into your room and that's ok
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    Being Surprised By Enjoying Something

    Although that was almost 20 years ago, before webcams shows were a thing, I ended up discovering the joy of anal play (something i never thought i would enjoy back in my teens) after stumbling upon a prostate milking video, so I totally see how that could happen.
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    threatened by user

    I will add though that it's not that surprising actually that you guys are in the minority that read them, since you also seem to be very well organized and having researched all your stuff thoroughly and to be very careful with your online presence, so it makes total sense
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    threatened by user

    It's a deloite survey made a few years ago, I can't find it i think it's buried somewhere into their yearly data output, but there's ton of articles referencing it. here's one, Now 9% is the number of people who claim to read them, but...
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    threatened by user

    well call me impressed, you guys are part of the 9% of people who actually read those 🤷‍♂️
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    threatened by user

    Well, when is the last time you read through all of the End User Licence Agreement when updating your cellphone or something like that? 😂 Or read through all the warnings and instructions of a new hair dryer? The vast vast majority of people don't pay attention to these kind of things. No...
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    New to Chaturbate

    If you are worried about your age being a factor, try to find your angles/lighting/positions/makeup/clothing/etc that make you feel that you are gorgeous and can lessen the appearance of "wear" on your skin. First you will look younger if that is what you want, and second if you feel hot as hell...
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    threatened by user

    It's something that is so common in abusive relationships of any kind, friendship, romantic, familial, whatever (and from both gender) that it's practically cliché 🤷‍♂️ Zero surprised it happens in the cam world. 99.99% chance this is a form of manipulation. If you indulge him he will keep...
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    How Would You Feel If Your Fav Solo Model Started Making B/G Vids?

    Well i can't say for Cam models, but on OF I've seen it a bunch
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    Made agreement with model no split camming in private...yet model is split camming in private

    Models have a right to Models have the right to remove consent of doing anything at any point, just like everyone else on this planet. CB don't mind refunding because they want to keep the paying customer. It's the same with almost every store chains too, amazon, walmart, etc. It's just not...
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    How Would You Feel If Your Fav Solo Model Started Making B/G Vids?

    I guess there's many different possibilities here. Is it random videos with random partners once in a while or videos with an actual life partner? That would change the dynamic of the videos so much. If it was, say, a solo model who once every few weeks or once a month has something new with a...
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    Experiences in online environments

    If you want your research to have any validity, you should build a real official questionnaire, not just ask questions in a forum. Your questions are also poorly constructed. The first one has a gigantic assumption in it, the second one is way to vague and the third one is again too vague and...
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    What's your chill out game?

    Just Dance 💃🕺💃🕺
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    In LIKE with a CAM girl

    that was my point 😂 😂 it's a 1/1000 chance, like with models 🤷‍♂️