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I'm here because I love the webcam world. Why? The freedom to work whenever you want, and last but certainly not least, because of all of the interesting people I've met along the way. Being an aspiring polyglot, it's also fun to broadcast with people in other languages. For now, fluent in English, Spanish, and French, but working on other languages now and moving forward. Whether doing webcam shows on Skype, or on the cam sites, despite some occasional slow/boring times, for the most part, I have lots of fun, I expect the unexpected, and hope for the best. Haters just get blocked/banned.

In general, just trying to be helpful, whenever I post a thread. If what I post helps you, great. If not, disregard whatever I posted. My 1st thread on the ACF was unfortunately my worst thread, which was unintentional, but for now I'm going to focus more on just posting helpful threads, and I'm going to disregard my bad 1st impression, and hope others on the ACF do the same. If I post about something negative that happened to me, I don't want your pity and/or for you to feel sorry for me, just posting a thread. Last, but certainly not least, if I mention I wish I could be a shoulder for you to cry on, it's because I care and/or I'm concerned. Am I trying to become attached/too attached with a person/people? No. I don't know your real name, and this is a forum.

My Twitter profile is @dannyhomebody. My real name? No. SM name? Yes. I post my more serious and political stuff there. I post a lot of WTF true stories. I also bash and trash ALL politicians, because I think the world would be a better place...without them. All Americans should only pay a flat 1% tax, money goes towards libraries, military, fire, and police departments. No money to politicians in any way, shape, or form. Fuck Donald Trump, Joe Biden, the Clintons...fuck 'em all. Politicians, just like the world more harm than good. Remove both politics and religion, and you'll have more faith in people and/or in the future. But you still need to be in the know with what's going on with both, whether you agree/disagree with whatever is being talked about.

My porn name is Danny Slade. Not my real name. My Twitter profile is @DannySlade69. If for some reason you can't find this, click on my SM name Dannyhomebody. I posted a link on that Twitter profile. I post more fun, non-political stuff on this one such as artwork, movies, theatrical plays, books, great foreign language podcasts, TV shows, and courses I'm taking either on the Modern Scholar Series, and/or Wondrium, formerly The Great Courses, and more. I've been working in porn movies with Carl Hubay off and on for a little over a decade. Just like the webcam world, I'm not a superstar, but I live comfortably, financially, while working on the webcams, doing porn, and/or working my offline job.

I watch all movies/genres but my favorite genre is horror. Check the what are you watching section here on ACF. For the most part, I watch at least 1 movie a day, so I post whatever I watched there, but it's also nice to see what other people are posting there too. I have a Twitter profile for anybody on the ACF who likes horror movies, and/or likes to talk about horror-related stuff. @horrorcriticMB. I watch bad horror you don't have to.

Hope this isn't/wasn't too long to read, but now and moving forward, I have met lots of great people like myself who work in the webcam world, and I hope to meet many more, and I'm going to try to make the webcam world a better place with my threads, but I'm only one webcam model. In the end whether I'm on the ACF or no longer on the ACF, if I help at least one person, helping one webcam model is more important than helping none.
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