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  1. DearestVixen

    Sub or dom

    I don't think I've answered this but I'm SO submissive. I'm learning how to Dom and honestly I have to come at it from a submissive standpoint lol. Weirdly though, opposite to a lot of people, I find being submissive on cam a more dominant feeling? Some people say it makes them more vulnerable...
  2. DearestVixen

    If you'd like to sext me on SP here's my profile~ consider joining, we can talk quite often...

    If you'd like to sext me on SP here's my profile~ consider joining, we can talk quite often
  3. DearestVixen

    If you're looking to sign up on SextPanther as a model here's my referral link~...

    If you're looking to sign up on SextPanther as a model here's my referral link~
  4. DearestVixen

    Happy birthday you lovely human~

    Happy birthday you lovely human~
  5. DearestVixen

    A Public Chaturbate Thread

    Unfortunately they have a ban first ask questions later policy. If you haven't already possibly make a thread in the Chaturbate Support part of this forum, but if you've emailed Punker Barbie there's likely not much you can do but wait. I wish you the best of luck!
  6. DearestVixen

    Fellow Film Photographers?

    Where do you guys get your 35mm film developed? I used a drug store (idr which) and they kept my negatives which I kinda wanted back.
  7. DearestVixen

    Thoughts on flashing/public stuff

    I think this is the topic that needs real discussion. Sure she asked one guy to touch her, then walked away from him to flash [the camera] but the thing is, she was in a club, there are still clearly others who saw the flash that she did not ask. This topic is a huge amount of confusion for me...
  8. DearestVixen

    The best quality webcam suggestions?

    For mics I use Audio Technica at2020 USB, but I have an older version, I think they only sell the PLUS now which I cant vouch for.
  9. DearestVixen

    Impossible to cam2cam on Streamate now?

    This is rather not true. I have never used beta and almost every single night I have issues with cam2cam. The very least of which being ten second lag. The worst being freezing, disconnection, audio desyncing, or just failure to connect in the first place. It's exceedingly frustrating and even...
  10. DearestVixen

    Lighting help (pale person here!)

    Also diffusing the lights by pointing them at the wall can help, I have an overhead light and then one light I point toward the wall in front of me at about at 50 degree angle from me. I then have to adjust all my settings (typically gain pretty high, exposure middling, contrast middle-high, and...
  11. DearestVixen

    TV Shows that ended to soon VS Shows that should of ended sooner

    Imo shows that ended too soon: Firefly (duh), Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show and Merlin. I loved Merlin. So good. Oh and How I met your mother but IMO by only one season, any more than that I think would've been too much. I wish we would've had one more season with a proper ending. Shows...
  12. DearestVixen

    Anal everyday and PH level

    Even though they've never come out dirty enough to risk a ban I always take out my anal toys off cam (so behind me or after shows) because I'm nervous about this, so it's not just you lol.
  13. DearestVixen

    Loosing new model status due to bad cam and internet on Streammate

    Agree with the whole losing new status is good idea. My tips are good internet, good pc, good lighting, good cam, nice mic, and the one that hasn't been mentioned: Consistency. I ALWAYS make more money when I get on every day, taking no time off and keep to a schedule (even if it's just...
  14. DearestVixen

    What do you tell your parents?

    Just wanted to say this is EXACTLY what I say. I tell my roommates parents I do a bunch of different things (video game beta testing, product surveys, social media modeling, graphic design, and writing and drawing commissions. For most of these I say I have a non-disclosure, if they pry too far...
  15. DearestVixen

    Cute ways to say "I don't meet clients"

    I don't cutesy it up and I'm pretty darn cutesy LOL. I say in a firm voice "Sorry but meet ups are NOT allowed. .... buuuut we can always fantasize about it in private or exclusive ;)" I love fantasizing about what I'd do if I were there so it works out well if it was a miscommunication