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  1. EveAngelical

    Friend Adds/PMs

    Hey Alexa! I forgot to reply to you after my first show. I went on last week, Friday night, about 11:30 CT. I was on for 20 minutes without any tips, freaked about my camscore, and logged off. I unknowingly had my PMs off. I fixed it once I logged on, but had members tell me it still wasn't working.
  2. EveAngelical

    Friend Adds/PMs

    Thank you for checking in! So sweet. I've actually got a wifi problem I'm trying to sort out before I'm up and running, but I well definitely keep you updated!
  3. EveAngelical

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    The last movie I watched was Mandy. Anyone else seen it? I'm not generally a Nicolas Cage fan, but the cinematography is out of this world. And who DOESN'T love a movie about some bloody vengeance?
  4. EveAngelical

    Friend Adds/PMs

    Thank you two! I really appreciate your responses. I won't add it to my tip menu.
  5. EveAngelical

    Friend Adds/PMs

    Hey models! I am perfecting my Tip Menu before I have my first show on MFC, and I want to add Friend Add to my menu. My question is: What is the nature of PMs? Like, how frequently, and for how long, are models expected to reply PMs? I don't want to reply to PMs my entire shift, ignoring my...
  6. EveAngelical


    This is wonderful advice! Thank you! I have been wondering how to utilize model tags.
  7. EveAngelical

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Waaassup! My name is Eve, and I will be working on MFC. I should be doing my first broadcast here in the next week or so. In case you all are wondering, I am not an Evangelical Christian. XD