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  1. GothHostess

    Model leaving in the middle of a private

    I actually used to get booted from privates all the time, when I used Chrome with Streamate. It wouldn't only kick me from the private, but completely close the browser. It would never happen with Chaturbate. So it's totally possible to have technical/internet connection problems with one site...
  2. GothHostess

    Yes, another "Am I falling for a cam model?" post.

    I'm lactose intolerant and can't have too much refined sugar because of some blood sugar issues, so on Christmas I treated myself to some Coconut Bliss Cookie Dough ice cream and like.....god damn. God daaamnnnnnn. Will repurchase 100%
  3. GothHostess

    Camscore question

    I just went on MFC for the first time in months and I **think** it stayed the same, but mine wasn't that high to begin with so I can't say for sure.
  4. GothHostess

    Use SplitCam to multi-stream to the top cam sites... now with free restreaming!

    How do I make the audio effects work? I'll click to add noise supress or complex filter, but I can see/hear that it isnt working, and if I click "active effects" it says there are no effects active for this layer
  5. GothHostess

    Non talking models

    Wow, this would MURDER my ADHD brain hahaha
  6. GothHostess

    Do you guys use Snapchat?

    So I actually just changed my views on SC and now I think I might make one....a girl on another forum was saying she uses it because she cams inconsistently and she sends out a snap when she goes online so her followers get a notification. That sounds perfect for me, but if I do make one, I...
  7. GothHostess - Public Thread. New & Existing models are welcome!

    Yes, I'm with Boleyn, thank you! I wanna confirm that we can delete our old account and make a new one later, right? My stripchat account that exists now was for my hardcore but vanilla persona, but now I cam as my non nude femdom/fetish one, so I don't want to use the same account.
  8. GothHostess - Public Thread. New & Existing models are welcome!

    How do I delete my old model account? I'm following the instructions on this page but I don't see anything that says "delete my account."
  9. GothHostess

    Did I dump a scam or a model who actually cared for me?

    Love scam!! Love scam!! Love scam!! Can I just say, since you were actually trying to put yourself out there and date IRL - you mention that people say you're better looking than your photos, so, you gotta get better photos! You'd be surprised how many photographers have affordable packages for...
  10. GothHostess

    Video Sales Revenue

    Exactly this. It could take her months of figuring out what kind of clips sell for her (so many different niches, so many ways to promo), someone else throwing twenty hours at it will do next to nothing for her in the long run.
  11. GothHostess

    Models beware!!! Stripchat is stealing our money and scamming us!!

    Seconding Boleyn, as someone with inconsistent earnings and who is terrible with money they have been a god send for me!!
  12. GothHostess

    Looking for [paid] collaborations for an art project

    Are you guys sex workers as well?
  13. GothHostess

    Use SplitCam to multi-stream to the top cam sites... now with free restreaming!

    Is there any way to use SplitCam with MV live or AVN stars?