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  1. JoleneBrody

    Pornhub Model Payment program

    It’s more like $.75-$1 per 1,000 views (roughly) so this doesn’t seem right. I would expect to get between $30-$40 from a 50,000 view I had transferred. the fact that they mentioned dmca takedown leads me to believe they didn’t do the transfer correctly.
  2. JoleneBrody

    What do yuo like your man (or a man) to wear for "sexy time"?

    SAME! I love the smell of a CLEAN sweaty man but I cut it at hippy BO. Growing up in rural oregon... it’s hard to avoid getting BO crop dusted in the grocery store. Do not like... but Sky, you would love weed harvest season up here!
  3. JoleneBrody

    Where Do You Get Your Camming Outfits

    Thanks to Marshalls I live in Calvin’s lately haha. I ordered a huge haul from a cheap Chinese store called a while back and i was really happy with most of my order, just remember that it’s Chinese so a lot of it runs small. If you order from them, order a lot (it’s sooooo cheap)...
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    Price help: verified celeb wants photoset to post on socials

    It’s always the copy paste same message, starting with saying he loves your videos. First time he messaged me I just replied, “you’ve never bought a video from me and I don’t work with liars” Didn’t stop me from getting the same dm 6 more times haha
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    Broadcast From Your Mobile Device

    I’ve never used mobile to cam but I wanted to share. My iPad has a hard folding case with keyboard that basically turns it in a little laptop. It’s made by zagg and I freaking love it! It’s called a zagg folio.
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    Blocked user still chatting

    Yes, if your token count goes up they are real. Members can tip "hidden" which will show up as grey instead of yellow and only you can see it.
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    Shout Out to all the Bad Ass Cm Models !

    I’ve been camming for nearly a decade. I know... I don’t know if it’s a language barrier, I’m bad at expressing myself or you are just deliberately missing my point but ok then.
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    Shout Out to all the Bad Ass Cm Models !

    There is a HUGE difference. If camming is the hardest shit covered job in the world than we must be miserable and all our laughs must be fake. Camming Doesn’t have to be “the hardest” to be valid work. It’s not all or nothing. It feels like it’s a knee jerk to the “get a real job” idiots and...
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    Shout Out to all the Bad Ass Cm Models !

    I never once said anything about bitches.
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    Shout Out to all the Bad Ass Cm Models !

    Honestly, sometimes I don’t care for this type of white knighting. Is camming tough sometimes? Yes! Especially emotionally when it’s slow but what makes camming a first choice for many is that it’s FUN, flexible and often empowering! I don’t think this IMO incorrect trope about camming being...
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    I DO want to add here though that based on recent upticks in banning for a bit now, Snapchat is likely on its way out the smut door and is probably not something you should be counting on. While the TOS are not new, they do seem to be getting enforced at a higher than usual rate and moving to...
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    God forbid this forum prefer not engage it the bouts of camgirl hysteria and be a place of information based on fact, instead. How dare we.
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    Question From A Poor Camgirl!

    On MFC, setting up a goal somewhere like MFCshare for something personal is pretty normal and done by many, not just studio models. Top models have goals for maternity leave or something they need a lil extra help with and in general, MFC members seem to enjoy it. MFC is probably one of the few...
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    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    Seems kind of silly but also sooo minor that i can’t imagine thinking about it beyond the time it took to read it. If she’s open about how she runs it, who cares? I’ve only been on onlyfans three months and my member signups/renewals are spread across the entire month. I think she’ll discover...