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  1. Kahinax

    Ban account

    Ive also got banned without reason And also one of my Tippers. Still no answer from Support. Is the international day of Bans
  2. Kahinax

    Account banned without reason

    Hello. Seems my account named Kahinax got banned without reason. Support dosnt answer and i am 100% sure i didnt caused any problems to my account /Terms. Seems lot of Models got banned today. @punker barbie please help me . Ticket Number 18676566
  3. Kahinax

    Ban account

    Seems everyone have problems with accounts. My account also got Banned today for no reason and noone s answering
  4. Kahinax

    Account Banned Without Reason

    Hello Everyone. I just noticed i ve got banned without any warning or Answer. I am sure i havend cause problems to my account since my account is still very down and i dont even use Toys so often, or doing crazy things. I dont promote myself in other rooms or so. (Maybe becose my gangnam style...