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  1. KylieJacobs

    Girlfriend is returning to webcaming after leaving

    I question if you are actually her boyfriend, but... Aside from that, her studio could possibly fine her or something if you come in her room as a customer, and then pay her separately off-site also. It's just a thought. I know that I wouldn't feel comfortable with a boyfriend spending time in...
  2. KylieJacobs

    If Twitter Implodes... stategies?

    Thank you so much! I'm going to look into all of this. 😊
  3. KylieJacobs

    If Twitter Implodes... stategies?

    How can we legally use an email list? Do we need a website where they agree to the emails? I have a ton of emails from people who have purchased my videos, but I'm not sure if I can legally use them since they didn't agree to anything yet. An email list would be nice in the long run since no...
  4. KylieJacobs

    Could you suggest all non-nude options a model can have on her tip menu?

    Feet Fan Sign Dance Sexy tease Yoga poses Bra/panty peek ...
  5. KylieJacobs

    Why do people have to be so Despite full

    I'm pretty sure you can report someone for doxxing you like this.
  6. KylieJacobs

    Chaturbate Daily Pay Program Qualification

    I don't cam on chaturbate, but according to what you posted, if you live in the USA, you will need to wait until chaturbate pays you 2 times (2 separate paychecks). After that, you should qualify. If you live outside of the USA, you will need to wait for 4 regular payments though.
  7. KylieJacobs

    Government name associated with webcamming

    Since the link description has your real last name and real first name in separate spots in the description, I wouldn't worry about it. It is probably tied to a model that uses your last name, and a 2nd model who uses your misspelled first name. If it was actually tied to you, it would most...
  8. KylieJacobs

    Working As A Cam Model And Loans From The Bank

    I think American express is one of the more difficult credit cards to get if you have no credit or a low credit score. As far as car loans go, I didn't have any trouble buying a new car last year. I have been in the industry for several years though.
  9. KylieJacobs

    Music for Videos

    People will buy them without music as well. I have filmed 1000s of videos by now, and only like 2 of them have music in them from when I first started.
  10. KylieJacobs

    Gay Male with Fat and Chubby body. Chaturbate.

    Camming isn't all about a person's body. Personality is huge!
  11. KylieJacobs

    Bitcoin as payment method

    Awesome, thank you so much for all of your help!
  12. KylieJacobs

    Bitcoin as payment method

    @KingMarti - I have been wanting to ask you this for a while... Do you have a recommendation if I want to use crypto to get paid from a company like XVideos and then move it to my US bank account. I am almost at the crypto payout amount there, and don't want to wait forever until I reach the...
  13. KylieJacobs

    Avarage hourly income

    Oh, okay, that makes more sense that it's an Israeli site rather than a studio.
  14. KylieJacobs

    Avarage hourly income

    Your hourly wage is good, and so is your amount of time in paid privates! My only concern is how much of a cut your studio is taking from you. If they charge $4.50, and you only get less than $1 of that.