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  1. KylieJacobs

    advice for what is correct in how to handle a video situation i want to cancel

    In the future, ask for details of their custom, then quote the price. After that, don't let them keep changing the rules unless you are 100% comfortable with the changes, and are further compensated for any extra work. Also, be careful when refunding, it's best to do it through the site that...
  2. KylieJacobs

    XVids Stolen Content

    I'm guessing that they would just take them down... I doubt that they could transfer them to your account since you don't own copyright to the other portion of the video. Maybe they could compensate you somehow though? It wouldn't hurt to ask.
  3. KylieJacobs

    Do you let your SO look at your profile and content?

    Yes, I let my SO watch my videos. He has actually edited some of my clips also.
  4. KylieJacobs

    Pornhub Model Payment program

    You could have another site that you are working on submit the dcma for you also. Such as C4S or MFC.
  5. KylieJacobs

    Tax deductions for models—percentage allowed-full vs partial

    Like AmberCutie said, I just enter the full amount that I paid for the entire year. Don't worry about the percentages of something unless turbotax asks you specifically.
  6. KylieJacobs

    Does anyone need social media manager?

    Now that's what I could really use.... a good Toy Technician! :rofl: Any takers?
  7. KylieJacobs

    Tax deductions for models—percentage allowed-full vs partial

    I would make sure that you actually measure your office to see how big it is in case you were to get audited. My room is pretty big, and it's only 143 sq ft. (11ft x 13ft) If you take the simplified home office deduction, I don't believe you will need to enter any utilities, garbage service...
  8. KylieJacobs

    Thank you!

    Thank you!
  9. KylieJacobs

    Thank you @AmberCutie! Oh, you are more than welcome! :)

    Thank you @AmberCutie! Oh, you are more than welcome! :)
  10. KylieJacobs

    Tax deductions for models—percentage allowed-full vs partial

    In turbotax, enter the full amounts of your expenses. After that, TurboTax will figure what percent you can write off. Example- I can write off like 8% of my utilities based on my home office, but i enter the full amount, and turbotax figures the 8 percent for me. Things like a computer, it...
  11. KylieJacobs

    How do YOU keep track of your time and earnings?

    I didn't keep track for years, then one day I decided to start tracking my time just to see how much I was making per hour if I average it over a month. I found a simple app that would track it. I could just click a button to sign in, and then click it to sign out, and it would add everything up...
  12. KylieJacobs

    Sites that pay for stolen videos?

    I believe I read that xvideos does it now also if you have a model account.
  13. KylieJacobs

    Quitting ManyVids & Minimum Payout

    The payout amount when closing an account was $20 this summer for my friend.
  14. KylieJacobs

    I was almost killed in an EXPLOSION!

    Oh my gosh! I'm glad that you all survived! It's scary how things can happen that fast. I can't believe that they sent you both home from the hospital on the first day! That is crazy!!! I don't really have any advice for you work wise unfortunately, hopefully someone else will, but I hope you...
  15. KylieJacobs

    Explaining Things

    You should Google upper cervical chiropractic specialists especially since you said you had a traumatic brain injury in the past. They are very different from a traditional chiropractor. They very gently align your c1 and c2 vertebrae if they are misaligned. There is no twisting or snapping...