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  1. KylieJacobs

    Is Clips4sale still the best clip site?

    I sell my vids on clips4sale, iwantclips, and manyvids. I stopped the other 2 since I didn't have the traffic there. You can list videos on all sites, but they each have kind of a target market. Clips4sale is great for fetish videos. Femdom does really well on iWantClips. Masturbation or sex...
  2. KylieJacobs

    Question about taxes

    I am almost positive that that is the code that I used. I just listed Art & Video Content Creator or something similar as the description since I mostly make videos.
  3. KylieJacobs

    Windows 11 Auto Update warning

    I have been using windows 11 for the last 9 months since my new computer came with it. It took some getting used to, but now I don't think that I could go back to windows 10. I stopped some of the startup programs that I didn't want automatically running. I hated the task bar and start menu at...
  4. KylieJacobs

    Raceplay - allowed or not?

    I would try to stay away from the main discrimination protections. Race, gender, age, religion, etc.
  5. KylieJacobs

    Raceplay - allowed or not?

    I think there were some models in the past that did race play, and later regretted it because it was posted elsewhere online, and lots of people bashed them for doing it. I personally stay away from anything race or religion related.
  6. KylieJacobs

    Spreadsheets and Tips -Excel and Google Sheets

    A huge benefit to Google sheets is that you can share one, and each make changes to it in real time. On the other hand, I feel like Excel can still do more, that or, I just find things easier because I am used to it. I also like that Excel is private. I keep my sales info on my computer with...
  7. KylieJacobs

    Video Lists, Descriptions, Pricing, Planning, and Tracking Sales (2023-2025)

    Happy New Year! I created several spreadsheets to organize video lists, descriptions, pricing, planning, and tracking sales on multiple sites. If you are interested, please see my Gumroad page: Spreadsheets are available for 2023-2025 Save 15% with this...
  8. KylieJacobs

    Can models visually see users without a webcam?

    Are you sure that she didn't mean to say... "why aren't you talking? Are you distracted" (Like you are distracted with your hand) 😉
  9. KylieJacobs

    Do Models Get Notifications if I Cancel My Fan Membership Early?

    No, we don't get a notification about it. Your name would be grayed out in our Messages section, and then you wouldn't show up on the active user list anymore.
  10. KylieJacobs

    Girlfriend is returning to webcaming after leaving

    I question if you are actually her boyfriend, but... Aside from that, her studio could possibly fine her or something if you come in her room as a customer, and then pay her separately off-site also. It's just a thought. I know that I wouldn't feel comfortable with a boyfriend spending time in...
  11. KylieJacobs

    If Twitter Implodes... stategies?

    Thank you so much! I'm going to look into all of this. 😊
  12. KylieJacobs

    If Twitter Implodes... stategies?

    How can we legally use an email list? Do we need a website where they agree to the emails? I have a ton of emails from people who have purchased my videos, but I'm not sure if I can legally use them since they didn't agree to anything yet. An email list would be nice in the long run since no...
  13. KylieJacobs

    Could you suggest all non-nude options a model can have on her tip menu?

    Feet Fan Sign Dance Sexy tease Yoga poses Bra/panty peek ...
  14. KylieJacobs

    Why do people have to be so Despite full

    I'm pretty sure you can report someone for doxxing you like this.