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  1. Lady_Sha

    Daily Thoughts

    @EliMarie717 Yes, I can certainly relate and it's almost as if I'm setting ppl up for the day they finally find out and can say "well, she's a good person".
  2. Lady_Sha

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    Proof of address took 24 hrs for me. It might take that long for ID too. Not sure about signature. It looks like you're just waiting for everything to be accepted and the hold will be removed. 24-48hrs I'd say.
  3. Lady_Sha

    Thanks!!! Sorry for responding so late.

    Thanks!!! Sorry for responding so late.
  4. Lady_Sha

    Thank you so much @LittleLei !!!!

    Thank you so much @LittleLei !!!!
  5. Lady_Sha

    What type of drunk person are you?

    I rarely get drunk. But the last time I did, I told my best guy friend to "listen up or I'll tie you up by your balls, drag you to my bedroom, then fuck your ass right with my strap on". I guess that's angry lololll.
  6. Lady_Sha

    Just venting!!!

    I once did a 7 hr shift on SM & made $0. Yes! Zero. Not even a dollar. It wrecked me for a day. Bad days like that make even someone like myself, with high self esteem, wonder if it's me. Yeah, hate those days.
  7. Lady_Sha

    How to deal with the highs and lows of camming?

    I take breaks. I'll do a two hour shift that is slow as shit, take a 15 min break to meditate on money magnetism, and get back on. Not letting this shit get to you is hard, but we must not let the bad days get to us. I'm sorry you have a migraine. Take a nap then try again. This business has...
  8. Lady_Sha

    How to deal with the highs and lows of camming?

    I'm on SM and this business is a rollercoaster. The best advice I can give you is SAVE. Save all the fuckin money you can because bad days are inevitable. Bad weeks are inevitable. And even a bad month can shake you. You can do all the right moves and be social AF, but if the traffic isn't...
  9. Lady_Sha

    Sorry so late. Glad you were born.

    Sorry so late. Glad you were born.
  10. Lady_Sha

    How much caffeine in a day?

    I used to drink a cup of coffee a day in the AM, but 2.5 months ago switched to green tea kombucha with honey. I'm very sensitive to caffeine and an energy drink will really ramp up anxiety.
  11. Lady_Sha

    Tell me about your best session and why it was so wonderful

    The last session I had that was incredibly good for me involved a member who talked more than wanked and tipped often to vibe my toy. There was a running dialogue and we were both participating in the fantasy. He tipped high and often which kept me aroused the whole time so when it was time to...
  12. Lady_Sha

    BBW Best Times and Countries

    I have to agree that Streamate would be a good fit as an option. There are a number of BBWs on page 1 who are a delight to watch. & anytime is a good time. It can be 11am & 11pm at the same time. Like @AudriTwo stated: set a schedule & stick to it. Good vibrational energy your way as you...
  13. Lady_Sha

    In loved (maybe) with a cam girl

    I don't like this at all. Long story short: nope.
  14. Lady_Sha

    I need help getting started, and maybe a few cam friends :)))

    Welcome! There's is a wealth of knowledge here in the forum. Try the thread suggested & use the search function as well. 🤗