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  1. Lilly_____

    What am I doing wrong?

    My problem with that is that I have my own country blocked and if I use a VPN I'd lose a lot of streaming quality so I have to rely on someone else to check that for me. Although now that I think about it I could use a VPN with my cellphone data and leave my wifi free to do that, right? Can I...
  2. Lilly_____

    can't verify with ondato

    Yes, I had the same problem and doing it on my phone solved the issue.
  3. Lilly_____

    What am I doing wrong?

    Wait! I thought the preview feature was meant for ourselves only and it didn't make a difference on whether members could see us? 😮😮😮
  4. Lilly_____

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    basically the same difference between a butt dial and a booty call
  5. Lilly_____

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    This might be really off topic and I don't know how I made the link, but in Brazil we have the expression "soccer ball show (it's actually only ball but clearly refers to soccer)" to say that something's really cool. So I honestly don't doubt that.
  6. Lilly_____

    Gay Male with Fat and Chubby body. Chaturbate.

    One thing I learned in this industry is that every single body type, age and style will definitely have people looking for exactly that.
  7. Lilly_____

    Seeing where a user has spent tokens

    I feel like there are so many ways of making a member feel special, and talking about other women in their lives, even other models, seems to kinda break the magic? But that's just me of course. If I were to make the "perfect girlfriend" experience it wouldn't involve any jealously.
  8. Lilly_____

    Erotic comics/webcomics

    Guido Crepax is another must-read! I want to come back with some more free time and go through this list of recommendations, I'm always looking for beautiful erotic art
  9. Lilly_____

    What are you reading / listening to now?

    I'm reading In The Dream House by Carmen Maria Machado. It's the second one I read from her, this one being a novel that uses a house as an analogy for a relationship. She's just genius. First one was Her Body and Other Parties, which was a short story collection. She talks a lot about women's...
  10. Lilly_____

    How to make gifs for your profile/social media

    I just sent this via DM but now that I think about it, this might be useful to more people, so I thought I'd make it public. If anyone knows an easier way to do this, please share! This is on how to do gifs like the one on my signature (basically a very short video turned into a gif). 1...
  11. Lilly_____

    Tip menu for noobs

    For oil shows, i just spread a bit on myself and if people keep tipping I keep spreading. If not, I stop. It's super easy, I can teach you! Send me a DM if you want.
  12. Lilly_____

    Tip menu for noobs

    Well not every tip has to be about your tip menu. Some clients tip to make your toy vibe if you have one, or just because "you have a pretty face / nice ass / beautiful smile...". So you don't necessarily have to do something for every tip. Usually members know this but let them know that they...
  13. Lilly_____

    Feeling strangely guilty about leaving a model..?

    You're such a sweet and pleasant company whenever you pass by so I'm sure that if you decide to tell her you'll be nice about it. That said, I don't really see the need of saying anything at all. As a model I don't really mind when I haven't seen a regular in a while; some of them, if they're...
  14. Lilly_____

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    This fucker here was a regular back when I was a painfully cheap model. The "oh no" is a response to me saying he would be blocked. This felt SO GOOD.