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  1. Lilly_____

    I am scared people will recognize me

    Not to mention that only a small percentage of sex workers do get paid more than vanilla workers.
  2. Lilly_____

    I am scared people will recognize me

    Exactly. It's really not that simple. There's family and social circles in the community whom you have to deal with and can't predict what their position is. I'm always as private as can be so no one comes around with their unwanted opinions or worse, punish me or my family for what I do.
  3. Lilly_____

    Possible to break out?

    Hey sorry to come into your thread like this. I have a similar problem on SC and have a lot of trouble getting English speakers to my room. So if you find any good solutions I would love to hear about it!
  4. Lilly_____

    Daily Thoughts

    To be honest I'd love to have seasons here. But I don't think I would be able to handle a harsh winter. I like winters here because you can wear a coat but there's no snow or the like. If only I could have both seasons and a mild winter hehe
  5. Lilly_____

    Daily Thoughts

    Uhh yeah that's the point I was trying to make?
  6. Lilly_____

    Daily Thoughts

    Yeah we don't have seasons but that means we don't have winter which is fine by me!
  7. Lilly_____

    One of life's weird little coincidences...

    As a latin american, I wanted to vomit when I read this. This is racist and disgusting. I also get the feeling that your "fetish" has more to do with the low prices.
  8. Lilly_____

    Were you mischievous growing up?

    I was a very well behaved kid which honestly only led to problems later own, but that's another story... I was a true nerd, who learned programming and japanese for fun and spend my whole afternoons on the computer. The only thing I remember though is me and some friends used the public phone...
  9. Lilly_____

    PM Viwer

    Yeah on SM I have the habit of kicking them for just being there and not doing anything, but I tend to be more careful on MFC because more than a few times a guy who was just sitting there on pm ends up tipping or going private - if it's a basic member though, I'm not as hesitant.
  10. Lilly_____

    Whatcha been playing?

    Mainly what what I wanted to say about combat system was that the real-time battle games tend to get on my nerves, mostly because I suck lol. I'm the type of person who keeps shooting at the ceiling while the zombie is right beside me on resident evil 🙈. So when monsters require quick action as...
  11. Lilly_____

    Whatcha been playing?

    Thinking about trying out Black Desert....any thoughts on it? Don't really know if it's my kind of the combat systems seems too complicated for me.
  12. Lilly_____

    Friendship between a model and a member

    I don't really see what the point of stating that is, really.
  13. Lilly_____

    Model Advocacy

    I still believe though as long as advocacy goes, that Pineapple Support is the best option. I'd much rather work for a site that advertises itself for what it is - a place to have sex shows - and on top of that contributes to a third party service that can actually help workers. Giving your...
  14. Lilly_____

    coke or pepsi

    Wait there's other types of sugar? I feel real stupid right now... I thought all sugar came from cane!
  15. Lilly_____

    online now!!

    online now!!