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  1. Makko

    Can I make my presence on MFC private/not visible to others when I'm on?

    Even other members can see you if they add you to their friends, and you wouldn't even know about it if they did that. It's annoying but I doubt it will ever change.
  2. Makko

    Normal fluctuations or the beginning of the end?

    It can be really hard for a new model. I've visited many new models, tipped and even did privates, but the lack of communication usually made people to not come back. Below tips are from personal experience so don't take them all for fact. But it may help to gain 'some' type of visitors. Until...
  3. Makko

    Some basic questions...

    Goals are nice, but for me, it's never the reason I tip the model. Often, the people in the room don't either. It usually just happens. I don't feel ripped-off, if the model leaves with only 5 tokens left to the goal. Then it's just my fault for not tipping those 5 tokens earlier. I do know...
  4. Makko

    Advice for newbie user (not model) of camming sites

    It all depends on what you can miss. Keep in mind a certain amount and stick to it. 200 tokens in 30 minutes is fine. Some members tip more, others less. Don't try to outtip another member. Just enjoy your time with the model. There are many kinds of people who all have different backgrounds and...
  5. Makko

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    I visited this model, I had fun, spent around 500 tokens or so. After she logged off, she posted a message on Twitter what a slow day it was. Yes, I was the only member and I understand she wanted to earn more that day, but still it made me feel a bit awkward.
  6. Makko

    How do you get fans and a following?

    Getting people in your room isn't difficult. Many people wonder in just to check it out. The difficulty is to hold them and make them coming back. As been mentioned, getting a connection with the member is important. Try to find out some of his interests. There will always be some things you...
  7. Makko

    Model leaving in the middle of a private

    I went to a model with camscore 400. When I tipped her a hundred tokens she reacted like she won the lottery. 6 Months later she's camscore 4000 and asks 1000 tokens just to get naked. She's now out of my price range and had to stop visit her. But I don't blame her for that. If she can get that...
  8. Makko

    Can you give me any suggestions? Is there anything I do wrong?

    Over 8.000 viewers. about 50 of them purples. I think you're doing just fine.
  9. Makko

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    I only visit 2 models but both know my real name. Adress too actually cause I ordered some physical items from them. I prefer them calling me by my fake name though. It feels so weird to me when they say my real name. Don't really know why.
  10. Makko

    In need of a reality check

    I get these messages from time to time too. It flatters me and enjoy them, but I don't and never will develop feelings for a camgirl. I had it once but never again! Since then, I always wonder if the other members get the same messages, or if it's just some way to make me spend more. I don't...
  11. Makko

    Models, what makes you look forward to a private? Members, Your experiences?

    I only visit 2 models, and usually I 'order' a private. For example the next week. I do very few of them; Maybe once every 2 months or so. But when I decide on one, I'm really looking forward to it. Just before the private I give her a few things she can do. She can pick and choose or do them...
  12. Makko

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    I think you haven't visited MV in a LOOOONG time then. It's full of taboo vids with family relations with absolutely no mention of 'step'.
  13. Makko

    Big Tipper Intimidation?

    I'm a fairly good tipper but if someone comes in and starts tipping big, yes I will take a step back. Not to get some free nudity or anything but I feel this big tipper should get the spotlight for the time being. Also I do feel a bit intimidated, maybe confused, not sure what to do or how to...
  14. Makko

    Am I actually helping in the long run, or only doing damage?

    It's pretty awesome you're doing, and I thought about doing something like that too, BUT, the thing what's holding me back is the fear of getting spammed with pm's every time I come online! I wonder how OP is handeling that 🤔
  15. Makko

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    A big tipper came into the room of my favorite model and tipped her for some very embarrassing stuff to do which she all did. I'm not going into details but I've never seen her do it and didn't expect it. It made several regulars (including me) upset and I had to leave the room. I know it's all...