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    Did you ever get accepted?
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    Whatcha been playing?

    It's so much fun! What system did you use to play on? [I also really appreciate that the people who made minecraft haven't gone the EA path of making sequels or paywalls or constant dlcs needing $$ to keep the game interesting]
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    Any other true crime nerds here?

    I have been watching The Chapter on youtube, it's this dude that goes through cases and it's so good. I can't watch some of the unsolved ones because they make my heart hurt a lot. [omg and Deadly Women? best show]
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    Whatcha been playing?

    MINECRAFT it's amazing. Just bought it for the play station and I love it.
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    There's a Chaturbate support section you might want to check out- but your experience isn't atypical. Having to reapply multiple times and even get a support staff person to help is pretty common for models signing up to Chaturbate. Staying positive and friendly, not threatening to sue them for...
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    PayPal paymentz + "regular clients"

    Don't use paypal. They will lock down and freeze your account. Why not use the site that you're verified through and can take payments off of that with a lot less risk? They take a larger cut but there's hardly a "safe" way to get paid otherwise.
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    How to tell if a cam girl really likes u for real

    Jumping in to say that if you just know her as a cam girl and not outside of it, she's probably just hustling you
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    Whatcha been playing?

    I've been playing a lot of Minecraft. :D
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    Is Luckycrush the new eldorado?

    a cam site with no age verification? that's a big time yikes and gross from me.
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    Launch of the new site LuckyCrush : A random video chat based cam site

    The whole "you can do whatever to keep them interested!" is uhhhhh... super concerning? I've never seen a site say anything like that. In fact, sites make a point of telling you what the fuck to not do so they can keep their payment processors and not get into legal issues.
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    We are hiring Webcam studios and Cam Model agents and Cam models

    You're still using Paypal after everyone says how to not use Paypal? :'D
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    The new Twitter - your thoughts?

    It looks really, really, really dumb. I don't know why sites roll out changes that no one wants instead of the features that people actually do want.
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    Manhole Covers... What the hell is this?

    I think I'm just more surprised at all the sexual shit attached to manhole cover. Thanks @Natural_Pussy! :D
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    Help required to promote model

    You don't tip or buy anything, at all? Ever? A way to give them attention and promote their content endeavors would be to pay them.
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    Eastern Euro/Russian girls pretending to be in USA. Are the foreign studio people just dumb or what?

    Didn't know that @dark_mermaid, that's super interesting! :O