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  1. Mintx

    How to tell if a cam girl really likes u for real

    Jumping in to say that if you just know her as a cam girl and not outside of it, she's probably just hustling you
  2. Mintx

    Whatcha been playing?

    I've been playing a lot of Minecraft. :D
  3. Mintx

    Is Luckycrush the new eldorado?

    a cam site with no age verification? that's a big time yikes and gross from me.
  4. Mintx

    Launch of the new site LuckyCrush : A random video chat based cam site

    The whole "you can do whatever to keep them interested!" is uhhhhh... super concerning? I've never seen a site say anything like that. In fact, sites make a point of telling you what the fuck to not do so they can keep their payment processors and not get into legal issues.
  5. Mintx

    We are hiring Webcam studios and Cam Model agents and Cam models

    You're still using Paypal after everyone says how to not use Paypal? :'D
  6. Mintx

    The new Twitter - your thoughts?

    It looks really, really, really dumb. I don't know why sites roll out changes that no one wants instead of the features that people actually do want.
  7. Mintx

    Manhole Covers... What the hell is this?

    I think I'm just more surprised at all the sexual shit attached to manhole cover. Thanks @Natural_Pussy! :D
  8. Mintx

    Help required to promote model

    You don't tip or buy anything, at all? Ever? A way to give them attention and promote their content endeavors would be to pay them.
  9. Mintx

    Eastern Euro/Russian girls pretending to be in USA. Are the foreign studio people just dumb or what?

    Didn't know that @dark_mermaid, that's super interesting! :O
  10. Mintx

    amazon wishlists

    People can find out your address through Amazon wishlist, and people will also try to scam you through it. Don't send the promised content until you get the stuff, that kind of thing.
  11. Mintx

    Banned on CB

    They're going to need clear pictures- maybe try using your webcam or someone else's phone?
  12. Mintx

    TV Shows that ended to soon VS Shows that should of ended sooner

    Shows that should have ended: Scrubs. The ending to season eight was the official show ending. Family Guy, the Simpsons, and I think Always Sunny has maybe one/two more seasons in it but I also feel like they're the kind of creators to know when a project is done. I can only really think of...
  13. Mintx

    Model and boyfriend tricks peoples for tip

    Holy shit- she's lying about her name AND age? What's next, she won't release her address?
  14. Mintx

    KinkRebel: thoughts?

    I signed up to be notified, seems interesting. Like a naughty patreon.
  15. Mintx

    February 14... Celebration of freedom for confirmed singles

    not even unpacking all the rest of this shit but lmao what in the single fuck are you talking about. what early 2000s sitcom comedy with misogynistic undertones are you carrying into this year, the year of 2019? do you really think that everyone with a uterus is hating every second they have...