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  1. Miss_Behayvin

    New ACF forum April 2019!

    lol lost my head again!
  2. Miss_Behayvin

    Making solo videos and quality...

    Thank you, that is super helpful! I will definitely give that one a try....adding different shot angles is something I would for sure be interested in. Hopefully there's not too much of a learning curve.... I'll keep watching the videos haha
  3. Miss_Behayvin

    Making solo videos and quality...

    It is great quality! I am amazed sometimes at how professional my photos turn out on it, which is why I was thinking it might be just as good for video quality. Glad to hear :)
  4. Miss_Behayvin

    Making solo videos and quality...

    Thanks, I am going to try Filmora on my phone to see if that will work for clips recorded on my phone. I do have decent lighting so I think I should be ok (hopefully haha)! And checking out Youtube is a great idea thanks :)
  5. Miss_Behayvin

    Making solo videos and quality...

    Hello, I am new to camming (just started this year) and am getting ready to start making some solo content. I am trying to decide what I should be using to record and what software would be the best for me to use to produce a decent quality video. Would I be best using my c922 webcam, or should...
  6. Miss_Behayvin

    Anyone elses body get sore after camming?

    Just finished my first full month of camming and I am incredibly sore lol. I second the Motrin/weed combo tha'ts really getting me through :)
  7. Miss_Behayvin

    Cam models and scars; how do you deal with them?

    I have a c-section scar that I do occasionally (but not always) cover up with makeup. I know it's not necessary, but when doing full makeup I tend to include that too if it will be on cam. It just makes me feel better about myself, which makes me more money :)
  8. Miss_Behayvin

    Camming in Hotels

    I plan on camming from an AirBnB while on vacation next month. We are renting an entire place, so there won't be any issues with extra people or privacy. I personally don't see any problems with it as long as nothing too personal of theirs ends up on cam. Also lighting could be an issue, some...
  9. Miss_Behayvin

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hello :) My name is Miss and I am also new to camming and on MFC. Have been lurking for while and this is only my second week on MFC. I am not new to the adult industry but this is my first time EVER to be on camera :) I do lots of research on everything and love to hear what people have to say!