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  1. Miss_Lollipop

    The truth in this industry?

    That isn't how make up works. We don't just erase our features and then paint a new face on lol. Make up you wear is done to enhance the features you like and hide the ones you don't. You don't erase your features though lol. Wtf
  2. Miss_Lollipop

    What would make camming easier?

    If the person who was deleted comes back to read at any point just please know I hope you find something stable and better for your mental health. Your posts have been worrying to me and you've been on my mind. I really think moving on will be for the best, I hope you are able to find safe...
  3. Miss_Lollipop

    New to this industry

    I am very confused. You can find the main cam sites with a simple google... What model are you talking about getting in trouble? What do you mean exploiting??
  4. Miss_Lollipop Unofficial Support Thread

    Wow this is a PR nightmare. 👀
  5. Miss_Lollipop

    Rude replies from support on streamate!

    I can imagine that if i was hired to do marketing support and someone kept emailing relentlessly about member issues it would be frustrating and impede me from doing my job. It is reasonable that we do not ask a marketing support person to do a job that is not theirs, and that they don't have...
  6. Miss_Lollipop

    Onlyfans video removal for children noise?

    In situations where models cammed while their kids slept in other parts of the house a white noise machine in the hall helped mask any noise from baby waking up. Content can totally be in one room. Change backdrops, greenscreen, outfits, set design, lights. Plenty of top creators film in one...
  7. Miss_Lollipop

    Onlyfans video removal for children noise?

    Regarding the noise id be looking into soundproofing options. Blankets/foam and noise machine outside etc
  8. Miss_Lollipop

    Onlyfans video removal for children noise?

    The more data points you have on someone the easier it is to find them. Someone found my parents by knowing 3 things 1. There was a kids splash pad in their town 2. They ran a motel 3. Their country Be more careful.
  9. Miss_Lollipop

    Onlyfans video removal for children noise?

    OF will not typically tell you why something has been pulled they seem to have a policy on that. AI is pulling stuff for literally no reason all the time. Their AI is not perfect and they wont review stuff But yeah kid noises absolutely no bueno regardless
  10. Miss_Lollipop

    Bigger boobies, more money?

    If i as a model posted a very specific question asking female models with implants about their profits in a forum area to ask models things... and every male member on this forum felt the need to share their opinions I did not ask for, on their personal feelings on implants anr on what i...
  11. Miss_Lollipop

    Is it okay to be broadcasting while in a girl's room as a man?

    It's not ok to be broadcasting while browsing, no matter your gender. It absolutely comes off as self promotion. If you need to browse while you broadcast do so from a different account.
  12. Miss_Lollipop

    Models being asked to do disgusting things

    If she is open to advice, suggest a wig, make up that is different from usual, glasses, and possibly a close up angle on her mouth or a mask.
  13. Miss_Lollipop

    Models being asked to do disgusting things

    One thing to consider is if she can hide or obscure her face in it. Glasses/wig or ideally no face. If it's something she really does not want to do i am sure she will not want that video being out there and traced to her. In my experience customers that like to push boundries like this have...
  14. Miss_Lollipop

    Doing something different

    "Help the models" We are not a charity. We don't need to be helped. So even if this wasn't a ponzi scheme it would still be condescending. We are not sitting here going "oh gosh if only someone would help us. We can't do this on our own"