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  1. MitzyBelle

    Filming Advice-- how to film a pov bj

    So I thought this would be easy. And now I'm 40 minutes into trying to film a POV BJ video and I'm failing miserably. My suction cup dildo won't stick to my headboard for more than a few minutes at a time, I can't seem to get the angle of the cam right, and I'm getting grumpy. Any tips or tricks??
  2. MitzyBelle

    Canadian Girls, I have questions!

    Update: I've had First Choice Pay for two pay periods so far and it's been pretty seamless! There are some fees and I think I'm losing a bit in the exchange rate when I make withdrawals, but it's not exorbitant and it's worth it to me for how easy it is. I also like that it's essentially a USD...
  3. MitzyBelle

    Canadian Girls, I have questions!

    I'm intrigued by the whole paycard thing, I had one for a previous job (again, of the super legit variety) and it worked great, but it was done through the company I was working for, not an outside vendor. Thanks for the response, Keziah-- do you have any experience with getting wire transferred?
  4. MitzyBelle

    Canadian Girls, I have questions!

    Hi y'all, My name is Mitzy, I'm new-ish (celebrating my one month cammiversary tomorrow) and I just got my first Chaturbate cheque on Friday. I took it to Money Mart to cash it yesterday, and they did, but their fee is 8%, which seems hi, and they asked me SO MANY QUESTIONS. I'm glad it was...
  5. MitzyBelle

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hi! I'm Mitzy, I've been on Chaturbate for 4 whole days now and lurking on this site for the same, thought it was time to introduce myself. I didn't think long or do any research before diving into camming, and I'm not sure if that was smart or not smart-- I had no fear or anticipation, I just...