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  1. Nigerian Prince

    Compliance image for faceless streamers.

    It can't be a question because the answer could easily be shared with anyone. I think the easiest solution is to buy a cheap secondary phone for verification purposes.
  2. Nigerian Prince

    Is it okay to be broadcasting while in a girl's room as a man?

    If it's just something to watch to keep a boner while on cam, then should be fine if you go to a larger room where you won't be noticed. If you are interacting then that will definitely come off as self-promotion, so don't do that.
  3. Nigerian Prince


    It's decent, but I feel like I'm left wanting a little more with each episode, which is probably a result of the episodes being much shorter on average than the rest of it's Disney+ counterparts.
  4. Nigerian Prince

    Does more visitor's really mean more revenue?? Is there a point where too much is really too much?

    Usually the more viewers you have the higher the % of them are anonymous. For example at 100 viewers you might have half the users being anonymous, while at 1000 that might be closer to 90%.
  5. Nigerian Prince

    How are you supposed to make money as a male model on Chaturbate?

    There is very little benefit to seeing people come in on entry tbh, and your better off ignoring other models coming into your room. If you haven't already, find an app/bot that prevents spammers from talking in chat.
  6. Nigerian Prince

    Amateur vs. professional photo sets

    I wouldn't go that far. Also of the photos someone is producing can be mistaken for a phone photo, are they even a professional 🤔
  7. Nigerian Prince

    Amateur vs. professional photo sets

    I think this is the way to go. I can't see the cost of a professional photographer being worth the investment starting out. It's also not always easy to compare results between different models because they could have vastly different audiences. Once you have a larger audience though it would be...
  8. Nigerian Prince

    need help with instagram, kinda lost

    I use Brave browser which has the option of making separate and unconnected profiles with different histories, saved info and all that. I also have two profiles setup on my phone (not sure if that can be done on iOS), with the 2nd one not having access to my contacts and a bunch of other...
  9. Nigerian Prince


    I believe most studio models with lower rates usually charge extra up front. I'm surprised that other sites don't have that, I just assumed it was the norm. It also seems like CB now allows for up to 30 minutes minimum, whereas in the past 10 minutes was the max.
  10. Nigerian Prince


    It can be adjusted to some extent, though the process to do so with webcams can be frustrating.
  11. Nigerian Prince

    I need some advice 🙏

    It's allowed (provided you don't show the call on camera), but you don't have to do it, especially for free.
  12. Nigerian Prince

    Im struggeling

    OP's grammar and spelling might not have been perfect, but for someone who claims they went to college your level of reading comprehension is quite low.
  13. Nigerian Prince

    Urgent Help needed (You don't hear this every day..)

    The only thing she can do is wait for a response, even if it takes a while and hope that whichever support person responds is in a good mood..
  14. Nigerian Prince

    Couples that sometime cam solo

    Worse case if it doesn't doo well you can try a separate account, and you might find a new audience while camming solo that doesn't want to see you with a partner.