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  1. Nigerian Prince

    How to be a good moderator?

    Just go over the rules she wants you to enforce. Also even if she wants you to interact, just be mindful not to interact too much, you want to give space to paying customers to join in.
  2. Nigerian Prince

    Question regarding studio locations.

    So you think some woman is going to want to cam in the apartment of some random man?
  3. Nigerian Prince

    The Public Cam Guy Thread (Male model stuff!)

    Has anyone ever tried camming with Camsoda? I signed up on that site months ago, and realized they had next to no traffic for guys. I was looking at the site again last night and today and it seems significantly better, even if it still has low traffic. Whereas before I'd see 1-3 models with 1-3...
  4. Nigerian Prince

    two questions

    Assuming you can get it at it's regular price, then I'd say the Brio is worth it. The colours will look better, and you do get a wider field of view which is nice.
  5. Nigerian Prince

    Harassment of Models

    Don't give them the satisfaction by logging off
  6. Nigerian Prince

    do you ask your mods why you banned someone?

    I've always assumed it was studios doing this, especially since it's almost always studio models sitting in other rooms. You can be logged into multiple devices at once, and I'd imagine it would just slow down a models cpu too much to have multiple rooms open. So I'm guessing there is just some...
  7. Nigerian Prince

    do you ask your mods why you banned someone?

    Did you happen to be broadcasting at the time? Some people might ban you if they recognize you are a model simply because there are always models trying to poach viewers.
  8. Nigerian Prince

    Politely asking a model NOT to fake moan in a PVT.. How?

    Tbh I think it would be fine if you just phrase it in a way where you aren't implying she's faking anything. Instead of asking her not to fake you could just express your preference for models to be a bit less vocal in your pvts shows.
  9. Nigerian Prince

    Tips from a man to a camgirls (for free)

    I want free tips, why won't you train cam guys šŸ˜¢
  10. Nigerian Prince

    Tips for Camming When You Have a Roommate

    How well do these work for blocking out loud people šŸ¤”
  11. Nigerian Prince

    Tips for Camming When You Have a Roommate

    Wait, does the room not have a lock? Also while music helps turning it can only go so far tbh. I think what it will really come down to is the layout of the apartment, how good or bad the walls are at transmitting sound, and where things are positioned on either ends of the walls. There are...
  12. Nigerian Prince

    Suggestions For Chaturbate - Add Yours

    I really wish you could have separate bio's for mobile and desktop, because floating links really screw things up...
  13. Nigerian Prince

    How do males usually get into it?

    I can kinda see why someone might prefer to work with a complete stranger for privacy reasons, but still sounds like a scam. Before doing anything I would ask her to do a video call. If it's a real offer from a real person then that is an easy way to verify and you can ask her all the questions...
  14. Nigerian Prince

    How do I tell my friend that I cam?

    It's difficult enough for one person to not show their face on cam anyways, I can't imagine it working with 2 people.
  15. Nigerian Prince

    Question about tipping etiquette

    Just tip how you want, it's your money. Some people might get upset if you don't tip in pvt, but tbh it's up to models to set their prices and expectations.