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    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    well..... did you say "No"? :rofl:
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    New cam model questions please! OBS, equipment etc.

    I'm just a user, sorry. But yes. I have no idea of the mechanics of it, but I've seen many models streaming to multiple site sand getting lovense vibrations from all the sites.
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    The Models on this forum are different than the ones I know

    Mate, not sure what the point of this was. The models here are different to the ones I see on camsites? Sure! Here they are not working! Teh models heer also happen to be a pretty cool bunch. If you are open to it, you can learn a lot by reading what is said here and maybe even grow a little as...
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    Remote toys

    I am afraid I do not know, but a quick google search should tell you.
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    Remote toys

    Just a user here, but I know some models on SC use Kiiroo.
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    Daily Thoughts

    Look after yourself (I am sure you are)
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    Yes, another "Am I falling for a cam model?" post.

    I used to have a "thing" for cute Asian women. Then I joined SC and stumbled into some Colombianas rooms.. and I was gone :rofl: So one's tastes can change.
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    Where to report gross violation of TOS

    Yeah I'd be concerned about holding or transmitting such images, even for reporting a crime. I'd definitely give SC all the info they need as @Charlie_SC alluded to, they can then find the offending material themselves?
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    Identity theft advice

    I agree, I would never hand money to a business in that situation. But I have in the past, and will again, given money to family and friends who find themselves in dire straits.
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    Identity theft advice

    Well, for me, almost all models on SC are foreign. :rofl: Very few Australian models there, and those that are seem *very* "amateur": poor lighting, bad camera, often just sitting on the floor sucking on a bong. This seems to attract a room crowd I do not feel I can be a part of. You are...
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    Identity theft advice

    Thanks for the advice and opinions folks. It is pretty much as I suspected, and as my friend told me. Very little to be done. In Australia there are a number of organisations that could help, including the police, alas that seems to not be the case in Colombia. As the accounts are being...
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    Yes, another "Am I falling for a cam model?" post.

    Definitely available in Australia, but only in 4 packs (or maybe it's 6), not the glorious 24 pack alluded to earlier. And yes! They are great!
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    What is a striptease to/for you?

    If I did not know the model I would probably defer to her choice (if choosing was an option offered). My model friend has "choose song" as part of her striptease menu item, so I choose the song if I tip for that. Other users usually do so also, although some will tell her to choose. I am biased...
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    Model leaving in the middle of a private

    And that's fair enough. In such a case, for me, a simple response of "Personal stuff" would suffice and I would respond "No worries, I hope it works out for you. Take care of yourself" But I also acknowledge that there are users who are intrusive and may not accept such a response, so I see...
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    Lush dont react to tips

    It's interesting (I am just a user so I only have observation to go by) in my 3 years or so visiting Sc I have seen a few models with connection problems, but most seem fine. My model friend has rarely had issues that I have witnessed, apart from on good days, the battery going flat ;) I...