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  1. Ozzie_

    A place for your ideas and suggestions

    That is exactly how it works for me . Preference was set once -- it applies to all rooms.
  2. Ozzie_

    AFK streaming

    Excellent point! 👍
  3. Ozzie_

    AFK streaming

    Interesting, I did not know that Stripchat had passworded private shows? If a model is doing a 6-8 hour shift I do not think a toilet break can really be considered "wandering off" camera, it is personal comfort, possibly even a safe health issue. All work places (I know, camming is slightly...
  4. Ozzie_

    AFK streaming

    Can models initiate a non-spying private "session"? That would solve it surely.
  5. Ozzie_

    Friendship between a model and a member

    Surely diversions / tangents are what internet fora are all about ;)
  6. Ozzie_

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Amway? Or he wants to talk about our lord and saviour Jesus Christ? 🤷‍♂️
  7. Ozzie_

    AFK streaming

    If you look at previous threads on this issue regarding SC, you'll see that they actually forbid the use of "BRB Banners". My friend got a warning about the use of a banner a few weeks ago, I posted asking about the situation but got no response, although I guess there is not much for Charlie...
  8. Ozzie_

    Stripchat: Latest News, New Features & Important Updates

    Hey @Charlie_SC ... Cute hat! ;) :rofl: (sorry .... it's Friday night after a long week)
  9. Ozzie_

    Stripchat account banned on denying to paying ransom

    It seems from what Charlie has said that SC has investigated and found you guilty of a breach of their rules. If indeed others are also breaking the rules and not getting suspensions, that is in deed unfair, however it does not change the fact that you broke the rules and must expect some sort...
  10. Ozzie_

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Perhaps he was being completely honest, and referring to his own shitty attitude? ;)
  11. Ozzie_

    One of life's weird little coincidences...

    And SC has a 90 token pack for $9.99 USD.
  12. Ozzie_

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hi, Good luck. This probably needs to be in the Chaturbate unofficial support forum, not the "who are you" introductory thread. Again, Good luck
  13. Ozzie_

    Daily Thoughts

    oh! good luck with the emergency!
  14. Ozzie_

    Daily Thoughts

    Looks like you are live.
  15. Ozzie_

    account verification,The face was banned because of working with the studio

    I am sure they will see it, but be patient, they are based in different locations globally and time-zones.