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  1. paige_orion

    Thank you so much, darling! *huggles*

    Thank you so much, darling! *huggles*
  2. paige_orion


    I have a separate throw away account for my Amazon wishlist. It's a throw away email and there is no card or address or real name attached, so even if people were to add the gifts into their carts, there would be no place for the gifts to go. They can look at the physical presents and see the...
  3. paige_orion

    Chaturbate Terms & Conditions vs Reality, I'm confused.

    I thought the Chaturbate TOS was quite clear on this. Section II: The Platform: A) The Platform (as defined below) is an online platform providing social networking capabilities including both a text and video chat service whereby individuals accessing the Platform (each a "Community Member")...
  4. paige_orion

    Another Does She Like Me

    Haha! Came here to post the list of threads that Audri posted! Seriously, though. Read through them. It might help in your situation!
  5. paige_orion

    Not here to pass judgement at all. I am a wife of a man who's having on off-line affair with a webcam girl

    I wish I could give you so many hugs. I cannot imagine the devastation you must be experiencing right now, the heart-ache and the heart-break while you say good-bye to a marriage that has been part of your life for literal decades. But from what you have said about his temper, and his...
  6. paige_orion

    What is up with you guys an girls thinking the best way to thank or help cam models is by tipping....I've on cam sites for 7 yrs at Chaturbate for the

    You know, I really love going to restaurants and sitting at their tables and eating their food... And making it a grand point to tell them that I'm not going to pay them. Because why aren't they thankful just to receive my unsolicited advice and critiques and advertising their food to my friends...
  7. paige_orion

    CAM website, where a masturbating guy is the model and the girls are choosing

    Because everyone wants to work for a company who thinks trolling is an acceptable response from an actual adult, someone who expects to be trusted with all sorts of personal information from models and customers alike. Nope, not childish at all. Totally reflects fantastically on your business...
  8. paige_orion

    CAM website, where a masturbating guy is the model and the girls are choosing

    Gross. If you cared about feeding the hungry, you'd give them wages that would allow them to support themselves and thrive. You'd pay them what they deserve, not the least amount you can get away with. If you cared about your models as human beings, you wouldn't throw them pennies and then pat...
  9. paige_orion

    CAM website, where a masturbating guy is the model and the girls are choosing

    OP, in spite of you asking for our opinions and in spite of the question, "Do you think this will work?"... You don't really seem interested in taking any of the opinions into account. Instead, you just seem to be doubling down on why this is a good idea and why this will be such a success. So...
  10. paige_orion

    How to tell if a cam girl really likes u for real

    There is a 99.999% chance you are being hustled. Audri brought up a fantastic point - if you were really dating in her eyes, and had been for six months, you would be able to contact her outside of Telegram. You'd have a phone number, a social media profile, something that connected to the REAL...
  11. paige_orion - A New Type of Clip Site (collective crowdfunding)!

    Thank you guys so much for clarifying things on the payment front! That is super reassuring and makes much more sense. Also, I appreciate you guys being so open to feedback! I think this is a pretty original concept that I haven't come across before, one that has potential, so I'm intrigued and...
  12. paige_orion - A New Type of Clip Site (collective crowdfunding)!

    This is a really interesting concept! I do dig the idea of having an option to bundle your videos with other models to potentially widen your audience base. However, as a model, I don't know whether this would be a super sustainable clip site for me in the long term, unless there was a way that...
  13. paige_orion

    So many lawyers...

    It's strange that when you ask someone their job, and they give you an answer... And you instinctively don't believe them. Instead, you call them liars... Then you get miffed that they call you names. The fact that you automatically assume that they are lying, implying that it isn't BELIEVABLE...
  14. paige_orion

    Stream Your Shows On

    I have to agree with Marceline. I don't understand your statement that your instagram is not associated with your website/service at all. You share the exact same name and logo, which means, by definition, you are associated. You may not have a link to your website, but you are trying to get...