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  1. SaffronBurke

    Camming: How do you feel about couples as customers

    It's quite often a dude alone writing erotica in our chats for free. Yes, even if he mentions what his wife's doing or that she's jealous of a model. They'll even type pretending to be the wife sometimes, because it's part of their fantasy.
  2. SaffronBurke

    Best toy sites?

    My favorite site is SheVibe, they stock big names as well as indie brands, the site design is entertaining, and receiving a package is always giggle-worthy because the name on the return address is Bruce Banner. Their prices are quite affordable, too. Do be careful with cheaper toys, they're...
  3. SaffronBurke

    Private Mail Box/Mail Service

    Unless they've changed things, the only information that the gift card purchaser receives is the email address they send the card to, and that it's been redeemed. It doesn't show the account it's been redeemed to, so it's possible to receive the gift card to my model name email, then redeem it...
  4. SaffronBurke

    My girlfriend and I want to make/sell smoking fetish content

    It's really not as complicated as you're making it out to be, my dude. 1. Shoot some clips. 2. Post them on Clips4sale. 3. Profit.
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    Wary about camming

    Your verification information is safe. But there's always a chance that someone could recognize you. Background checks typically check for a criminal record, nothing more. But there is, again, the chance that someone could come across pics or vids of your stream and recognize you. If you're...
  6. SaffronBurke

    Where to buy toys?

    Ditto. Safe materials, and a lot of indie brands available. Plus, the name on the return address is Bruce Banner, which is always good for a giggle.
  7. SaffronBurke


    The response in my city is hilariously inconsistent. Public schools are closed, but only in the main city, not the suburbs. The high school basketball tournament this weekend wasn't canceled, so we had an influx of people in town. People were hitting grocery stores and stockpiling toilet paper...
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    I keep seeing the idea that this will improve once spring/summer approach, but I'm not sure. With the unusually warm winter we've had, at least in the Midwest, people haven't been as cooped up as we normally are during the winter. In Iowa, it barely snowed or dipped below freezing this year...
  9. SaffronBurke

    A few questions...

    On Clips4sale, there are video previews, which are what you can turn on and off, as well as image previews - jpg or gif. Most models report better monetary success with no video preview and uploading a good gif. The video can give a little too much away for free and lead to fewer sales.
  10. SaffronBurke

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    1. It's pretty vague, I couldn't say. 2. Exchanging contact information is prohibited on both ends. If someone really wants to find you, they know how to use Google.
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    camming with a disability

    Whether you disclose your disability or not is an individual decision. Some models are very open about it, others don't mention it. The most important thing is being firm about your limits - "I don't offer that" is all the explanation that someone needs, and if they're pushy you don't have to...
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    why is crazy sane here? I guess this is why?

    That claim is so untrue, but oooookkkkkk
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    Best time to cam on Streamate

    They're signing on at the times that they make the most money. And they might have a customer base in different countries. Lunch time in the US is an entirely different part of the day in Europe or Australia.
  14. SaffronBurke

    Custom Clips

    I don't have the energy for all that. I do a big, blatant watermark. It's more time-consuming to remove them from a video than from a photo, and the one time I had a video re-posted it wasn't removed, so anyone who wanted more of me could easily find me: