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    Custom Video

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    A few questions...

    The category list on Clips4sale is a good place to find new ideas
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    I think I've been had!

    Some people have bizarre (to me) obsessions with our sexual preferences and history. I refuse to answer those questions because it's not relevant to the interaction in my opinion. If you can't jerk off to someone without knowing their past partner's races and genital sizes, that's a little...
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    When do you call it quits?

    If I'm consistently not making money on cam, I switch sites or focus on clips for a while (a week, a month, a year, etc). I wouldn't say that we have a shelf life, but traffic is dynamic and preferences change. I go where the money is, I don't have the energy to beat a dead horse and try to...
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    I have three questions? Is it harder to fit as a camgirl being biracial? Is raceplay against camsites rules? How can I verify myself on here?

    There's a wide variety of body types and a wide variety of people who are into them. Ass is in right now for all races, so you're going to get asked about it, but I've seen a fair amount of small-booty-having black models do well. Market those boobs like crazy, because there are definitely still...
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    The downfall of MFC... Myth or reality?

    There's way more models than there were before, so while it might feel like there's less traffic, it's more so that viewers have more options. I can only speak for myself, but I'm actually able to earn more money consistently now than I have been in years past, and I've been around since 2011...
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    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    "I don't enjoy it" Pfffft, that's a lie, or he wouldn't have typed out this want-fodder to get off to.
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    I have two questions here? Is anyone a model that's glbt? And how can I make my shows better if I haven't had sex a lot?

    Nobody is saying that you're "unstable" or "traumatized". Rule #1 of camming is if you're not comfortable doing something - don't do it. It doesn't sound like you're comfortable with penetration, so don't do it, find a different type of show that's a better fit, rather than forcing yourself to...
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    is there a way to tip fellow camgirls on mfc?

    There's no capability to tip from your model account, which is why some of us have a "perv account" we use for tipping.
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    Ask a Member section

    Soooo...... You think studio models are the majority and indie models need their hands held by you in order to make it in the big bad scary cam world? :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:
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    Ask a Member section

    Say what now?
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    Problem with CB and MFC not acknowledging complains of Webcam Chatters

    So, you know she's not doing what you want to see, but you keep paying her? Sounds like her hustle is working :haha: Move on and get some professional help my guy.
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    Pornhub Model Payment program

    You don't *have* to use your legal information, Pornhub will still take it down. I've used my stage name and a fake address and they honored it.
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    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Seriously, make your name what you want to be called. I'd call that dude "xv" because you're kidding yourself if you think I'm saying more than the first couple letters or first syllable of a weird name.
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    PayPal paymentz + "regular clients"

    A lot of people asking to pay off-site for off-site services are scammers, so be cautious and don't do anything unless you've already been paid.