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    chaturbate ranking

    CB will never admit to what their algorithm is, same as Google won't disclose its algorithm for ranking pages. As soon as the algorithm is widely known people will start gaming the system to artificially improve their ranking and make the whole ranking system useless. I also wouldn't be...
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    Was this my first scam attempt?

    Just a word of warning; this is not a reliable method as the size of the yellow background and padding around the text is very browser dependent. I just checked a few rooms and the legitimate tips appear exactly like the fake tips here, that is no distance between the end of 'tokens' and the...
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    KIK is shutting down

    Whoops, the link from my post went AWOL, but I was trying to link to that blog post on Medium.
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    KIK is shutting down

    Here is their blog post with the "official announcement".
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    amazon link

    How are you creating your profile page? You just need to include the appropriate HTML link in the code for your profile. So something like: Buy something from my <a href="">Amazon wish list</a>
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    Does anyone here use/own an iPad?

    I took a quick look at Puffin and the free version does not support Flash, only the paid version does. There are other browsers that might work for broadcasting but I haven't tried any of them. Note: Safari and Chrome work fine on iPad/iPhone for viewing CB, it is only broadcasting that is the...
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    Does anyone here use/own an iPad?

    It seems that the desktop site is loaded, or at least the "Broadcast yourself" navigation menu is there. There is also the option to "Request Desktop Site" if you click on the "Share" icon. The Flash plugin in required to broadcast and Flash isn't supported on the iPad and I suspect iPhones...
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    Streamate question/answer and general information

    Thank you. Do you know what the payout for the model is? Google is not cooperating...
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    Streamate question/answer and general information

    I've done a quick search of the forums but haven't been able to find an answer. Does Streamate have a referral program similar to Chaturbate's? That is a link I use to sign up and the model gets a percentage of all my purchases?
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    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    A model willing to give you her personal details for a WU transfer minutes after chatting with you... nothing fishy there. That Revolut app looks like it might have promise though.
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    Is there a bot to greet the guest

    If you can't find such a bot I can write one for you. If done correctly I think your regulars might like it. I recently modified a tip menu/notifier bot for some models that do femdom and the bot generates random greetings and insults. Their members love it and the first thing many do is...
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    Lost my wallet and phone... can't cash out tokens with out 2 step

    I just saw this thread and that your problem is resolved, but for future reference you can always have the 2FA code sent via text message. At the bottom of the page where you enter the code from Google Authenticator is a link "Try another way to verify". If you click that link one of the...
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    Custom icons for your website: Legality

    As Zippy mentioned this is a trademark issue not a copyright issue. Most companies have published guidelines on how their trademarks can be used. For example Twitter says that only their blue and white Twitter logos can not be used and that they can not be modified [1]. So technically you are...
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    I always stop by her room when she is online just to see if anything has changed. And yesterday I saw the holy of holies... she was naked and masturbating!!!! I shit you not. I had to double check to make sure I was in the right room. I don't know if there was ever a squirt show as I didn't...
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    How do you choose your model name?

    I don't think that is possible...