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  1. SMuser69

    Maybe I went about this all wrong?

    Even I didn't know you could do that with Gold membership I always thought those features were if you pay for the subscription? Or does the Ultimate subscription boost you to gold by default?
  2. SMuser69

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    Sorta. While a member is still logged out they will see you on the recently viewed options. When they log back in you magically disappear from the same place. When they log off again you return again. So they can put two plus two together and figure out what's happening.
  3. SMuser69

    [Unofficial support thread] qrush – a fansite with an App, 24/7 Support and 90% Payouts

    But you DON'T have a payment policy listed on the site just your TOS and privacy. Payment policy along with how to handle disputes and transfers should probably have it's own page. This would probably make things a little easier if people know you can't just 'decide' one day to kick them off and...
  4. SMuser69

    [Unofficial support thread] qrush – a fansite with an App, 24/7 Support and 90% Payouts

    I would say the biggest difference is snapchat and IG don't directly control your monetization. If guys kick you off, you're out ALL your money too. You add lines like this in their TOS; "We discourage use of the qrush website for any illegal, abusive or immoral activity. Using our website...
  5. SMuser69

    I hope you enjoy your cake day.

    I hope you enjoy your cake day.
  6. SMuser69

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    Models don't see our bonus credits it's all done in the back end. Here's a picture explaining. I believe they won't apply your new bonus credits till the transaction fully completes with your bank, if you bought shows on the weekend this could take as long as Wednesday the follow week to apply...
  7. SMuser69

    Hi I need some help

    Depends on your state. You can press charges if your state has the 'revenge porn' law in place. If convicted she might not have to ever be fined but the conviction would permanently block her entry to the US. Depending on her career that can be more punishing.
  8. SMuser69

    C2C questions

    Because that feature exist doesn't mean it's that feature some models are using to record. Many seem to just record their straight OBS feeds or use other softwares. Also even in SM if the latency delay is great enough in the season the noise cancel stops working and you can definitely hear...
  9. SMuser69

    C2C questions

    As someone that's used the site as a member for years. I have to say they've made things easier then ever for C2C features on SM. Now you can choose video and audio independently so you can talk while remaining shy if you wish. As far as the recording comment. Unfortunately there are models...
  10. SMuser69

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    SM or any other webcam is NEVER going to punish a customer for what is allowed by the mechanics. All models on the platform lose when you start doing things that even annoy members for what would be considered petty to most of them. It's thousand times harder to find a regular paying members...
  11. SMuser69

    Fucking Machines on Chaturbate

    Symbian has some bluetooth stuff or people have made bluetooth attachments for them. Hismith has some machines that have an app not sure if they intergrate into any sites and they tend to be expensive. Here are some links And here
  12. SMuser69

    private versus room

    I think he means that he went private with someone immediately without coordinating the contents of the private so the customer got mad and left and is asking if he should stop accepting request immediately or was that an abnormal situation. At least that's how I interpreted it I could be wrong.
  13. SMuser69

    Good selling sites like manyvids?

    I've bought audio stuff on MV before. Well it was a video with static pictures and an audio track sold as audio. Modern MP3 car systems can play MP4 as audio files. I wouldn't say you can't just because it can't be in the MP3 format.
  14. SMuser69


    This is also illegal. Also incredibly dangerous because your visa status can be leveraged as blackmail. You shouldn't joke about this since it's VERY common trap for students.
  15. SMuser69


    Short answer is if you're here on a student visa then it's illegal since they will be sending you a 1099 which will not be hidden to the government. Student visa can only work 20 hours a week and it needs to be work on campus or related to your school. How much they would enforce it I have no idea.