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  1. SMuser69

    New application for the webcam models is hiring

    It doesn't matter WHO makes an app if it can't work because of prevailing politics rather than function.
  2. SMuser69

    New application for the webcam models is hiring

    The biggest question is HOW will YOUR app not be banned out the Play/Apple app stores like every other sex worker related app?
  3. SMuser69


    Like flexing your bicep? How you bounce a bicep or you mean bounce something on your bicep?
  4. SMuser69

    Receiving payments for private shows

    I'm sort of surprised Onlyfan's still being allowed to be advertised since they now offer live shows.
  5. SMuser69

    Alternative to RTX Voice?

    Unless you have a bleeding edge Razer laptop you're not going to find one with an RTX GPU in it. That said RTX voice stops background 'white noise', like a vacuum or a fan. Depending on how long it is it won't remove a specific noise like a siren or a scream small kid. What mic are you using?
  6. SMuser69

    Is getting banned from a chat room (on Chaturbate) right after tipping common?

    I don't believe anyone has questioned that models NEVER have valid reasons to ban people from their rooms. I'm not sure why you quoted me with this since I was mostly describing my experiences where models/mods were banning even before 'business' could even begin (how you do business before...
  7. SMuser69

    Is getting banned from a chat room (on Chaturbate) right after tipping common?

    It's a problem of scale. If you're a member that enters a lot of rooms by scale it will be more common or less common of a problem. I'm currently looking for a new model that serves my fetish so I've been averaging 5-10 new rooms a week on CB. On average I get at least one ban a week for odd...
  8. SMuser69

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    Telling someone they shouldn't do their job because you don't like them is as unprofessional as you can get. Imagine if this was a model you were talking about. You personally complain about bad SM support all the time and then suggest to the one that actually went the extra mile to do LESS? I...
  9. SMuser69

    How to not get banned on Chaturbate?

    They could also be interpreting your username in that way also. You could read it as 'hot in diana' or 'hot indiana' or 'hot india a25'. Maybe just changing your account name would reduce some of the ethnic questioning. It would be like if someone names themself 'superblackgod' it would be...
  10. SMuser69

    Logitech C920 Price Raise Holy Shit!

    There are some import webcams now available on amazon in the normal price ranges. When you look at this cameras here's some things to checklist they have before you choose one; 1. Camera supports at least 1080p at 30fps 2. If the Camera has autofocus or fixed focus. Make sure the focus range is...
  11. SMuser69

    How to not get banned on Chaturbate?

    Like has already been said. Racial curiosity existed because it's actually MORE common globally for someone NOT to have opportunity to interact with people outside of their race or even experience people outside their communities. This in itself isn't bad but is an sexually explicit chatroom the...
  12. SMuser69

    If a company feels they need to phish as another company for business. NO IT'S NOT LEGIT!!!
  13. SMuser69

    Onlyfans Promo/Advertisments

    There are three clashing groups using onlyfans. Sexworkers selling sex worker content. Instagram, mainstream site models trying to tease sex worker content till their fan figure out it's not going to happen. The third group are the twitter ad/impersonator/redistributor types that either spam...
  14. SMuser69

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    This has been answered to you TWICE now. They aren't hidden they are put at bottom of listings till they come out of exclusive. If you favorite them then they will just go to the bottom of the online favorites.