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  1. SMuser69

    Are CB Models Allowed to Sell Tokens to Viewers?

    This is under the TOS section 13 regarding Virtual Money, "Transfers of Virtual Money are strictly prohibited except where explicitly authorized within the Service. Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, you may not sell any Virtual Money for “real-world” money or otherwise exchange...
  2. SMuser69

    Cb vs bonga

    I'm pretty sure you wouldn't give personal information to any site to show your body if you didn't have the incentive of being paid for that. Incentives for member are drastically different than for models. Sites function and advertise under the premise of discretion, so for the site to ask for...
  3. SMuser69

    Cb vs bonga

    Not sure I would correlate money spent on camsite to a member's morality unless you already think merely being a member on a site makes you immoral to begin with.
  4. SMuser69

    Cb vs bonga

    Bonga's biggest problem is how they lock members accounts when they reach platinum tier and require personal info which scares away people from continuing to use it. I hope they did away with this practice.
  5. SMuser69

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    Oh man was it expensive. Over 100million for 8 episodes. It's actually surprising how much is practical effects rather than pure CGI. Apparently most the effects are post effects like lasers and lighting. They bragged the actors never were filmed against green screen for the entire production so...
  6. SMuser69

    Would you date a humanoid robot?

    This here is why I wouldn't. In your scenario you OWN the robot. It's like dating a slave. The power dynamic is so one sided there would be no point except to amuse yourself doing it. The robot is ultimately property so it's a risk to it's existence to do anything that you might consider, 'not...
  7. SMuser69 stream to multiple sites with a minimum processor and traffic usage

    You have to see this beyond a legal standpoint. You can just look in the CB forum on this site and understand how disastrous it is for models to be banned or sanctioned from their site. Imagine it this way, if you knew you'd lose access to the road forever if you got a speeding ticket would you...
  8. SMuser69

    Major OBS issues out of nowhere- can someone help?

    You might want to do your upgrade to mojave or catilina and then come back if you still having issues. Your OS is pretty out of date at this point.
  9. SMuser69

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    The lush2 is only $100 The Esca2 is $120 Both work with feelconnect.
  10. SMuser69

    Unsolicited dick pics illegal in Texas beginning Sept 1st

    Except that's not how the law is written. It's vaguely written. It just needs to be 'unwanted' it doesn't have to be 'direct'.
  11. SMuser69

    Unsolicited dick pics illegal in Texas beginning Sept 1st

    Click bait title. This is far more reaching of a law. 'Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Friday hosted the public signing of a bill that makes electronically sending unsolicited lewd photographs a crime, punishable by a fine of up to $500.' This means if someone is offended by ANY nude pic they...
  12. SMuser69

    Like to introduce our new project...

    How does your site attract members? I don't see how you convince a member to go to your site verse others. You don't even have anything that would imply porn on your frontpage outside of the site name. Getting a member to sign up with so many unknowns AND give you a CC is a huge burden of trust...
  13. SMuser69

    Social aspect of camming

    Yes and no. I think Twitch has made is more difficult for 'non-nude' social models because it seems to not stop streamer who gain sub for 'softcore' or 'teasing' perks. But there's always going to be viewers that are looking for full nude or a less limited format of adult cam sites. Where...
  14. SMuser69

    (customer) C2C is not working for me on Streamate

    Send this one too. I've told them a few times about it. When the private and tip buttons stop loading for some reason and you need to wait till the problem fixes itself.
  15. SMuser69

    Chatty non-tippers

    This is mostly a perception issue than the chatting. Members can't usually tell who's a tipper and who isn't because some people buy content, others hide their tips (not sure which site you use so this part might not apply). In most cases unless the member or yourself have announced he's not...