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  1. Susperia

    IS it possible for cam models to fall in love with members at times or is it just a ruse?

    It can happen, but in the end its not real. You are both falling in love with a Fantasy....the fantasy of a perfect prince charming and the fantasy of the perfect sex goddess. The Fantasies are always better than the realities and they all have an expiration date.
  2. Susperia

    Streamates new document verification stopped me mid contest.

    I haven't recieved the link yet either. Was wondering since I recently had to update my id in January if I Have to go through the process again.
  3. Susperia

    Anyone else doing ASMR?

    I do it upon request. I have a guy who likes me to get out my blue yeti microphone and do asmr.
  4. Susperia

    Thanks Sha, you're so sweet :)

    Thanks Sha, you're so sweet :)
  5. Susperia

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    Just started watching The Trailer Park Boys series on Netflix.....omg I'm late to the party, but goddamn I'm addicted to it now. That show is fucking hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Bubbles!!!!!!! Also watching the Netflix series GYPSY. It stars Naomi Watts as a shrink who starts living a...
  6. Susperia

    For how long have you been a cam model and how has it changed you life?

    I've been a cam model since September of 2013 and its changed my life significantly. I used to be a writer and heavily involved in the music scene and since becoming a model I stopped writing and started going out less and less.....I've become a hermit compared to how I used to...
  7. Susperia

    Lifespan of a Member/Follower

    This right here!
  8. Susperia

    How long do you prepare for steaming each time ?

    About 45 minutes to an hour to get ready.
  9. Susperia

    How do you react to screenshots?

    Some asshole did that to me during a Skype show. After he did that I was pissed and unenthusiastically went on until the show time was up. I went on to block the guy, he still tried to find other ways to get shows, but I have blocked all his accounts. So no you didn't over react.
  10. Susperia

    The Loneliness of Camming..

    Oh yes. I feel like the lonliest girl in the world sometimes. I have a hard time trusting people. I used to have friends in the real world, but once I really started getting heavily into my craft I turned inward and isolated myself. Its my fault. I could call them up and they would welcome...
  11. Susperia

    If you make a custom video for a member, is it rude to sell afterwards?

    Nope, I always put my customs up for sale. I may edit out the names if its personal, but I always do.
  12. Susperia

    Any camgirls with public snapchats?

    my free snapchat is gretanoir69
  13. Susperia

    Do you offer videos featuring doggystyle sex?

    Yes I do, all my fuck vids feature the doggystyle position
  14. Susperia

    THanks :)

    THanks :)
  15. Susperia

    Does cam2cam hinder or boost your perfomance?

    I enjoy cam 2 cam and seeing all the different sizes and shapes of male genitalia.....that's the perv in me.....however.... I hate c2c when the guy has a mic and then I hear myself echo in the background....nothing is more annoying than that. So when theirs an echo its hindering, but when its...