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  1. tekwolf

    Whatcha been playing?

    Just pre-ordered the division 2 played both closedand open beta and ready to spend a 1000h in that one
  2. tekwolf

    Fake Accounts to Help Boost Your Room

    The performer sended it to my performer account so no direct link
  3. tekwolf

    ~what SONG(Z) are you currently obsessed with?~

    Not listening any song in particular but more a new format. I recently discovered 8D music on youtube and it keeps amazing me
  4. tekwolf

    What are you reading right now?

    The lesser key of Solomon
  5. tekwolf

    Members ?

    Your profile picture matches perfect with your reply :D
  6. tekwolf

    Performing Arts Ideas For Cam (And fitness!)

    Belly dancing as shakira said hips don`t lie
  7. tekwolf

    Fake Accounts to Help Boost Your Room

    There is a 2nd way to boost an account on cb if you have a trusted mod or friend you can tip them up Performer sends x amount to person, person sends some large tips and all over again alsoencourages others to tip
  8. tekwolf - New Cam Site

    @BobbyLeStrange just signed up and checked the token prize at your site 1000 tokens is 100 dollar, Competition site : 1000 tokens for $79,99 this would encourage me already to go to the competition more bang for my buck. Secondly i see only 2 options to buy tokens visa and securionpay inever...
  9. tekwolf

    The Loneliness of Camming..

    *whistle innocent there are members to make it less lonely some can`t tip all the time but can be a great support by just their company. I have several friends who contact me when they get bored/lonely on slowerdays and we either chat on whats (because of my work i can`t always hop into the...
  10. tekwolf

    Real Names

    I wouldn`t know never been to one so that is why i asked :D
  11. tekwolf

    Real Names

  12. tekwolf

    Who is this camgirl? Can you Identify this girl? Threads...

    Only streams on streamate and no twitter found (you know you could try using google AlendraWang twitter)
  13. tekwolf

    Real Names

    why do i wonder how you that :P
  14. tekwolf

    Streamate daily limit...

  15. tekwolf

    Streamate daily limit...

    A small edit no officially it isn`t allowed to have more than 1 account on streamate :D