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    The way to transmit influences the ranking of the page of a model? (OBS or WEB Based?)

    seems unlikely since everyone would do it and no one would benefit
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    Models being asked to do disgusting things

    Should check the T&C...
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    Why would a cam girl follow the customer???

    it's usually the Colombian studios, doubt it generates much traffic, but it's free
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    Is CB member level more powerful than other site's?

    probably just because by default CB shows the model a notice in the chat when for each user who enters ("walshliam has joined the room"). Also most models only focus on one site
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    The Economics of Fan Club vs Onlyfans. Untapped potential ?

    I think the "host" needs to talk a lot to sell the fanclub. Most models don't speak English and/or don't have the charisma
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    Cam model addiction

    Probably a guy in the studio writing that she misses you... Maybe she does just like to chat, but I think you know it's not a real friendship like she has with her real friends
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    Spying black screen

    I experienced the same years ago, not sure if some rooms are worse than others...
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    there is one who charges 70,000 upfront, don't remember the details, probably for 30-60 min and maybe a per/minute charge too
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    how to block freeloaders

    the main listing is for free chat, the top rooms on chaturbate are the ones with the most freeloaders... Hidden rooms do appear as normal in the followed tab.
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    Trying to find specific cam site

    Models can't start a private show on CB without a customer like they can on LJ and SC, so for pvts on other sites studio models will either go offline on CB or even leave it running publicly. Studio models usually don't do anything differently for "exclusive" pvts.
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    Passive income in addition to OF, Fansly, etc...

    upside-down text is hard to read
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    Become a CB supporter but suddenly banned by favorite model

    bans usually expire after 4 weeks, but if it's been longer the model is probably serious...
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    Become a CB supporter but suddenly banned by favorite model

    sounds like you had previously been banned on another account, and when you paid cb extended the ban to the new one
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    User keeps using Fembot to BotMod themselves and alt accounts. Hacking?

    If she typed his username into the bot so he can control the bot...then he can control the bot. And if she installs his software on her computer to control her computer...then he can control her computer. But sounds more childish than serious
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    ABC - always be chatting

    Silent room is definitely not good, but I've seen models talk most of their shift with "regulars" who never tip, and I doubt it's good for business