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    When to give up on CB support? How long would you keep trying?

    I have seen a model return after after being banned for 2 weeks, but don't know what went on behind the scenes
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    Camgirl partially calls for free, what is real?

    I actually think it shows kindness, I've seen normal camgirls not see any problem with tippers who say they are withdrawing from their 401k, going into debt, or even having to cut back on their food budget to buy tokens. But yeah, you're a client, personally I think a relationship based on money...
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    Chaturbate mentor scam

    Seems that most of the time models would rather lose tippers than these parasites, which leads me to the conclusion that they get something out of it
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    Update - Does She Like Me Thread

    Reshipping Fraud is sometimes part of romance scams
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    Your "The ONE" - Have you found them?

    I stick to one, mainly because money and time are limited...
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    Studio Donating ALL Earned Tokens for ALL Models to Charity (Real or Fake?)

    I've heard of studios occasionally having lavish events to impress the young girls having so much of their money being skimmed off, so it could be real and also kind of shady
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    Cam Model Relationship - scam or real?

    marriage doesn't mean it wasn't a scam, have to ask the guy
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    Suggestions For Chaturbate - Add Yours

    I have a feeling that it would be abused on cb more since most models have 0 traffic and might as well pretend to be in private
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    Account banned, 600.000 followers, please help!

    the story doesn't really make sense, you'd need to have the police straighten it out
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    question about

    I think if the model's bitrate/resolution settings are messed up enough camvideos can't handle it...
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    Lush Debate

    low-quality reality programs/youtube are passively enjoyed by billions. Seems more strange when guys pay large amounts to models who don't really interact much
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    Can we just agree that moderators are terrible?

    they infect private too, the mod usually can see who started the pvt and will of course make some comment about it, and will always welcome the model back afterward so that she thanks him
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    Lush Debate

    lovense has a wishlist, a good tipper might send you one, not expensive compared to tokens.
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    Can we just agree that moderators are terrible?

    Really it's a sign that the model is terrible and has no engagement with viewers. One deadbeat mod, who likes to call viewers gay if they don't obey his many tip gifs, seemed to be ruining this poor sweet model's room...but then you see her ignoring tippers and running out the clock in private...
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    Suggestions For Chaturbate - Add Yours

    the useful bot functions should be integrated into the site like what stripchat is doing, can barely use the chat on cb due to the notices being spammed, and text commands went out with the 20th century.