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    2 Step Verification

    Yeah I entered the new codes as they were regenerating. I might just need to do it with another method.
  2. V

    2 Step Verification

    Just trying to set up the 2 step verification, already had the google app on my phone, scanned the code then tried to enter the 6 digit codes and repeatedly got "incorrect code" ANNNNNNd then I locked myself out of it. oops. Site error or user error?
  3. V

    Cold feet?

    Its taken me a very long time to finally start testing the waters. It's something I wanted to do forever but just not had (or have yet) the confidence to do.
  4. V

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Names Vy, new to camming but have always been interested in it. Hoping to experience new things :)