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  1. WickedTouch

    tea or coffee ?

    ...or does it? Coffee gets my vote every time. Big mug, with a splash of milk or maybe some single cream and on occasion a tiny sprinkle of salted caramel sugar dust on top if I'm feeling...
  2. WickedTouch

    Cloudflare Check

    Yeah... same here in the UK. I'm using Chrome and it was throwing this up since Friday. Cloudflare is having some kind of 'mare methinks! :banghead:
  3. WickedTouch

    Actual Chater success tips.

    Well... I had a wry smile when I saw the OP's list... and I had one thought.... Kool Ray!!!! :haha::haha::haha::haha:
  4. WickedTouch

    Who is this camgirl? Can you Identify this girl? Threads...

    I've always found the term "knights" to be kinda demeaning to performers on SC, as by extension it pretty much depicts models as damsels in distress that need saving. :facepalm:
  5. WickedTouch

    :party:🎂🎂Happy Birthday 🎂🎂🥳

    :party:🎂🎂Happy Birthday 🎂🎂🥳
  6. WickedTouch

    Stripchat down for anyone else? Doesn't load at all

    Just a thought... if the site is gonna be down for any kind of planned maintenance, perhaps warning users and broadcasters through twitter etc, ahead of time would be a good plan? Also, maybe think of putting up a splash screen on the Stripchat homepage indicating a "planned maintenance in...
  7. WickedTouch

    🎂:party: Happy Birthday! :party:🎂

    🎂:party: Happy Birthday! :party:🎂
  8. WickedTouch

    Saying if single or not?

    No rocks to throw here. A performers relationship status is up to them to share or not share with their fanbase. It has no relevance as to how we (rational) members will perceive them. None whatsoever. It has no bearing on you as a performer if you are single, or have a wfe/husband/gf/bf or are...
  9. WickedTouch

    :party:🎂Happy Birthday Amber🎂:party:

    :party:🎂Happy Birthday Amber🎂:party:
  10. WickedTouch

    Why do studios do this?

    :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm::facepalm: It's when I read stuff like this that I realize that I really do miss the old facepalm "Like" on ACF. :nod:
  11. WickedTouch

    Daily Thoughts

    Clear snow from path. ✅ Get breakfast and sit on sofa. ✅ Switch on TV to see how The War In Europe is going. ✅ I have a strange feeling, it's not gonna be a good day. 😒
  12. WickedTouch

    Professional Porn Playing in the Background

    I've seen this a clutch of times back in the day and I mean 10-11 years back on MFC, where a few girls would be watching porn clips in the background off cam, so I don't think it's that new, just maybe not so common nowadays. Maybe as CB are a bit more twitchy about performers watching movies...
  13. WickedTouch

    Search suggestion

    Okies, if you think about it this way.... the reason we may have missed certain models is that they are never on when we are on. So unless either the member or the model changes their routines they may never cross each others path. It's no real biggie as I see it.... I'm just not geared to look...
  14. WickedTouch

    Members who have secondary accounts: why?

    One of the things I have managed to avoid on MFC was the obsessive, jealous type of model. The best way to dodge that bullet is to make it clear, in every room you are tipping in, that you are on the site to spread a little token love amongst many performers... without playing favourites. Be...
  15. WickedTouch

    Search suggestion

    :think::think::think: Well, I can see how members can be keen to find "the one" and that they feel the need to have a search tool to find those performers who are offline, but I can also see the need for the performers to be able to punch out and end their day so they can go and recharge...