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  1. LittleRedBunny Academy

    Transition from one site to another experience/advice/feedback

    Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well and making it through these sometimes difficult and changing times! I myself have been going through some changes and I am curious to get some specific feedback on a certain topic. So if anyone would be so kind as to help my curiosity and take a little...
  2. E

    Discount Code for TOYS!!!

    Hi Guys, Im El, a model on Chaturbate. I came across this really great coupon code that would be super helpful for any Canadian Models or anyone in general ( I say CND because shipping costs, you can also have your items sipped to one of their locations near you for free). Toys, lingerie and...
  3. K

    My experience of falling in love with a cam model...

    Hi everyone, First of bare with me, my English isn't perfect but I really wanted to share my personal experience about falling in love with a cam model since it happened with me too and i have seen different stories about it on the net! So like many of you I discovered those cam websites, i...