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  1. Smores

    Favorite Alternative/Indie or Modern Dance Songs?

    What are some of your favorite dance songs in the alternative/indie or modern rock genre? I want these to be songs with rhythm and a sustained beat throughout the song. It has to be incredibly danceable music. Definitely I am not looking for songs that are disco, or heavy metal, or R&B...
  2. JGenius

    Is there people into alternative/underground music here?

    What about sharing some tracks here? Are there some musical hipster here?
  3. Adley Fair

    Songs to listen to on cam

    As we all know, the mood in our room is best set by the songs you listen to. What are your songs of choice? Do you guys have special playlists for special moments, or do you play songs randomly? Do you focus on a specific music genre, or do you prefer to play very different songs? I wrote a...