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  1. S

    Brand new to chaturbate

    I'm brand new to chaturbate and I've been told once my new tag goes it will be hard to get traffic. My room averages at about 40 users with my new tag so that does scare me. Today and tmr are my last days with my new tag is there anyway I could maximize this time other than being online alot? If...
  2. KimmiReign

    New Ebony Cam Model On Chaturbate

    So I’ve been avoiding Camming for Chaturbate because I tried them for a week and couldn’t get any traffic in my chat unlike other camming sites. Ive decided to give the site another chance and I am struggling. I’ve noticed that I haven’t seen any ebony models on the front pages and every time I...
  3. MillyNoelle

    Do I even stand a chance on CB as a new model?

    Hi! (Sorry for my english in advance, it's not my native language) :hi: My name is Baby Milo and I'm brand new to camming. I'm in my early 20s' and I haven't even started camming yet since I'm saving up for a webcam. I'll be moving soon to a new apartment with my partner so I'll get my own...
  4. Lana_Evans

    How do I get more traffic as a new Camgirl?

    Hi all! I’ve been Camming for a little over two weeks on Chaturbate, and I’m still learning the ropes. My first few days were going really well with tips and traffic, but now it’s been really slow. I know it’s to be expected when you first start out, but I’m wondering if their is anything else...