pricing help

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  1. AnxiousAlice

    tip menu pricing help

    Hey! So I have no idea where to start with a tip menu. I'm going to be popping my camming cherry soon and this is the last thing I've gotta figure out. Does anyone have advice on prices that customers will/won't pay? This is what I have so far, does it seem reasonable or way too expensive...
  2. ElleVictoria

    Price help: verified celeb wants photoset to post on socials

    I’ve been asked to create a photo set for a verified rapper with about 2M followers. He wants me to write his name on my body (non nude) and include face and soles of feet in all images. He intends to post them to his tumblr, Facebook, twitter, and instagram. He has asked me to come up with a...
  3. NoraSkyes

    Tip Menu Ideas and Prices?

    I am reconstructing my profile at the moment and with that said I am redoing my entire tip menu. I feel like my menu is a bit bland and wanted to know what other girls have on theirs and what you ask for certain things, I am not making too much off my menu as of late and I am wondering if its...
  4. JadeAmore

    Fetish requests and tips for starters?

    Hey all! I'm Jade Amore, mfc model. Even though I've been at this cam girl thing for a few months, I still am learning the ropes. I get a few fetish requests. My most recent was to sell a small jar of pee to one of my new subs. How much should I charge for this? What fetish requests have you...