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streamate help

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  1. sweetpotato624158

    Confused about media manager, my posts, mass messeges, my media and all related stuff

    Hey there, I apologies first if there is any mistake I have made in this thread. But I really wanna know about the media manager and all it's related things. Because I'm a new performer there and don't know much things about Streamates. Especially the media and posts. I have seen other...
  2. willx

    Entire profile details disappeared

    Hey guys, I'm having major issues with my SM profile for the last 3 days. My SM profile has been completely cleared out. All my details, stats, etc. are all missing, certain members (signed up, tipped and done pvt shows) can't private message me because the icon is missing, no videos, my 5 star...
  3. K

    Where do you cam? How long have you been camming and how much do you make?

    I make these days 5000-8000 tks/night and I've been streaming on Chaturbate for two months. I'd like to know if I'm making too little or above average. And how much do you make?
  4. K

    Can I stream on both (not at the same time) streamate and Chaturbate?

    For example can I stream on Chaturbate Monday Wednesday and Friday and the rest of the week I'll stream on streamate? Anyone does that?
  5. soyandigh

    Streamate traffic!

    Hello all :) Meetings from Colombia! I been a model for years on Chatur but I cant hold that site anymore and is affecting my mental health a lot so I been reading this forum for the last weeks and I created an Streamate account. Im there usually 5-6hrs per day, I think Ilook cute and my english...
  6. HarmonyRey

    Streamate - Enabling Phone Chat?

    I read on here that for Streamate if you enable phone chat, it can boost your placement and a guy asked if I did phone privates and I didn't know what it was. I enabled it on my profile, how to I enable it when I am streaming? Best, Harmony
  7. Hollygirl11

    Streamate help

    Hi so I'm concern about streaming on Streamate cause my download speed is 6gb but my upload speed is like, .46!! It's really slow to upload any video on like many vids etc. So I'm just wondering is it good for my to broadcast on Streamate like will my webcam freeze or what ? I have a Logitech...
  8. LushRogue


    anyone else have trouble with support!? been a week & have yet to be helped. i just want to work again, but it won't let me stream. what's your favorite camming site? i'm about to give up on Streamate. i'm open to anything, but Chaturbate or LiveJasmin.
  9. Tigerqueen

    Two Streamate accounts?

    Hi ladiez, so I apologize if this is a thread already, but I couldn't find one so this might be the first! I'm wondering if anyone knows if I can have two Streamate accounts at the same time? I currently have a couples account with my boyfriend, but I'm on it way more often solo than with him, &...