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Permanent banned

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Jan 19, 2024
Hey , mam it's sonna here I already msg you before this that my account was permanently banned . Account name alina_9 after its was changed payal_09 sorry for distributing you ...
I want to tell you that I contact sc support but they were not listening me I send them all of my documents and verified, they were like mail with linked email .I already explained hole stroy why will I lie or create this so much drama .
I have some proof, when my studio agent changed my account name and they changed password. Than I was like give me the password and why you changed name etc ..... I have what's app screenshot, you can see the month and date . Please translate in English... And I am requesting you to please forward this msg to sc support because they were not listening me or replying me .


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Hello @bebo_90
I can see that our Support team has replied and provided you with some instructions/info on how to proceed.
I will also PM you now to provide further help.
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