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What’s your opinion about VR live cams and streaming?

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May 23, 2013
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Hello everyone, as the title say I wanted to get some feedback about VR camming. From my research I found only one website featuring VR cams, I won’t mention it here to not be seen as spam… but I think many of you already know the website I’m talking about.

Do you think VR live cams would be something for the future? Would you be willing to try it?

Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you.


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Jul 25, 2014
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it neat
Oct 2, 2021
In my opinion VR is a great opportunity for cam girls because there is much less competition. At the moment only 200-300 girls (and a few boys) offer VR and only 15-40 of them are online at the same time. Moreover, almost all of these cam girls are from Eastern Europe (the rest from South America) and many have limited English skills.

Therefore, being a native speaker (or being a western European with good English skills) directly gives you a unique selling point and there are times when you will be the only VR camgirl that is even able to conduct more complex conversations.

The actual experience in VR is also great and if a model knows how to handle the VR camera, she can offer unique experiences to the user. I see great potential here as well, since very few of the VR models so far have really mastered this game with the VR camera.

What has to be taken into account, however, is that you have to change your shows a bit for VR. Chat in VR is much more difficult, so you can't rely on very dialog-heavy strategies. Many users switch to 2D for more complex conversations and only go to VR for the shows, but still, I think you have to adapt your concept to these different circumstances a bit.

You definitely still need a 2D camera to be able to offer both at the same time - such a setup is the current standard and I don't know of any camgirl that does without a classic 2D camera altogether.

Regarding providers, I know of Stripchat and SexLikeReal as the two most common platforms for end users. However, both use the service provider Dreamcam in the background. As far as I know, Stripchat also has some exclusive cams of its own (or maybe from another service provider), while SexLikeReal only is a different frontend for Dreamcam. From my knowledge the best places to go for models are therefore Dreamcam and Stripchat.
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