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ACF Verified Model Rules

    Only persons aged 18 or over may read or post to the forums, without regard to whether an adult actually owns the registration or parental/guardian permission. AmberCutie's Forum (ACF) is for use by adults only and contains adult content. By continuing to use this site you are confirming that you are at least 18 years of age.

By requesting verification you agree to the following ACF Verified Model rules:

  • I understand that the ACF Models Only section now allows any verified cam model to participate, regardless of gender or how they identify.
  • I understand that identifying information should NOT be posted in the Models Only section, and personal or private information should be shared with caution. While the administrators do their best to ensure the Models Only section remains private, there is no guarantee that information is "safe".
  • I understand there will be a zero tolerance towards ANY gender-related hate, ganging up on, or harassment. If I come across such activity, I will report the posts to administration and will not reply.
  • I will be respectful and will do my best to help answer any questions.
  • I will NOT pester or pressure other models to meet up or to create content together.
  • I will NOT repeat or post anything I see in the Models Only section, and I will not share my account with anyone.
  • I understand that if I do not post for a long period of time, I will lose access to the Models Only section and will have to reverify.

Breaking any of these rules (or disregarding ACF forum etiquette in general) may result in permanently losing Models Only access or being banned from the forum completely.

The purpose of the ACF Models Only section is to give all of us in the same workspace a place to talk, share ideas, and help each other out. We are a community and it's expected we all participate where we can, and treat each other with respect and kindness.