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  1. Abbiminx

    New to Camming - MFC profile question as well!

    Tysm, I’m glad I asked, this forum is awesome! Yeah I think I’ll stick with the normal format until I see how much of a source of income I can make camming. I’ll focus my efforts more on learning how to add those games and stuff to my broadcast when I do go live. Thanks!!!
  2. Abbiminx

    New to Camming - MFC profile question as well!

    hello! I’m transitioning from another form of sex work and I’m doing every bit of research I can. I’m unbelievably excited to start broadcasting on MFC. I’ve got the Logitech webcam (don’t remember the series but it was like an $80 price point), a big ring light, and am moving into my own...
  3. Abbiminx

    help with making my profile- CSS/HTML?!?

    I wonder this as well! I’ve seen some AMAZING profiles in my research but I’ve lost my MySpace knowledge of html :(