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  1. AlyssaYoung

    the hardest part of camming..

    Don't forget to keep in mind how much the token packages are. I only ask for 200 tokens for my video set because it's super easy to get guys to spend $20 on the 200 token package. I feel like if I asked 250 tokens I would sell a lot less because guys who don't have any tokens would either have...
  2. AlyssaYoung

    SPH practice???

    I agree there is no real wrong way to do it! Don't over think it or it will come out forced. I like to include things like, "that little dick could never make me cum" and "I need a real cock not that tiny thing" or "you better be good with your tongue" Guys who like SPH usually like hearing that...
  3. AlyssaYoung

    Buying Fake Cum?

    I use spunk lube and love it! I do have to water it down a little bit to get it to work in my squirting dildo. The only think I don't like is that its not edible. It doesn't taste gross, just wouldn't intentionally swallow it. If I am doing a show with lots of oral or swallowing then I make my...
  4. AlyssaYoung


    I've worn ears and a clip on tail no problem! Full kitten gear sounds interesting...
  5. AlyssaYoung

    Favorite thing about caming?

    Hands down my favorite thing about caming is being self employed. I don't have to rely on anyone besides myself to control how much money I make. Plus not having to work with other humans is a dream come true. I get to listen to all my friends complain about their co worker drama and it always...
  6. AlyssaYoung

    ACF mentioned in article by DailyDot

    I really hate the way this article makes this forum sound. "AmberCutie, a message board where cam girls congregate to talk shop, is filled with thread after thread of complaints against viewers." "Sites like Reddit and AmberCutie are populated with horror stories and warnings about the more...
  7. AlyssaYoung

    Need help from a femme dom??

    Most of my subs do sexual things for me but some non sexual things I use include making him change his name on mfc to what ever I want or making him write my name (or what ever) somewhere on his body with a marker. Sometimes I make guys wear thongs under their clothes and take pics for me. I...
  8. AlyssaYoung

    Random Things You Loathe Right Now

    When I have to put the heat on at night and then need the A/C back on by noon.
  9. AlyssaYoung

    MFC share questions

    I think only free content shows up on the recent albums on the front page.
  10. AlyssaYoung

    The 90's project

    These guys had great videos and songs! I feel like they always get forgotten!
  11. AlyssaYoung

    Very SERIOUS question for u ALL

    Don't forget when you cam you don't get any sick days or paid vacation. Get the flu and can't work for a week, your out of luck. It takes a strict budget and a real strong drive to work those full time hours. That being said, quit my job 6 years ago to cam full time and I NEVER regret it. I...
  12. AlyssaYoung

    Question about MFC Share

    It says on their wiki that users must use one of three ways to get into the album. Tokens, Password or VIP status. So I think you are good to use them both.
  13. AlyssaYoung

    What Am I Doing Wrong?!

    I stopped in for a few minutes last night with my perv account and boy are you cute! I enjoyed watching you dance around but I was camming so I didn't have my sound on and couldn't hear you. I was going to send you a message to say hi and let you know I was from ACF but you did not stop dancing...
  14. AlyssaYoung

    My cam view is fuzzy but my viewers say its clear

    This would happen to me too on MFC. I would adjust the cam settings and members would say it was fine but it looked blocky to me. I upgraded the ram in my laptop, now my video is clear.
  15. AlyssaYoung

    Any advice on how to squirt?

    Drink plenty of water!!! I can't squirt if I am not properly hydrated and the pressure of having to pee helps. When I was learning I would do it in the tub, because sometimes I would accidentally pee. But once I got the hang of it, it was fairly easy to control.