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  1. AmberCutie

    7 day suspension on stripchat for “rude behavior”

    You’ve already gotten as much information and help as the SC reps here can give. I need you to stop replying in multiple threads with this issue, it is “resolved” as far as it can be. I would suggest taking the rest of this suspension time to start camming on another site, then when the SC...
  2. AmberCutie

    Account suspensions on the rise ?

    I will say that's one of the HUGE benefits on MyFreeCams - they let you run your room as you wish. You can speak to your room however you wish, ban anyone for any reason, go away from cam for unlimited amount of time without being bumped offline... even stream video game play or whatever music...
  3. AmberCutie

    The Annual Holiday Movie Thread!

    OOOH yes, it used to be tradition for Jawbs and I to watch the whole LotR trilogy on New Years Eve! I know it's after xmas but still feels holiday enough to mention. Now that there's the Hobbit movies included in the whole mix it might not be feasible anymore lol. We haven't done that tradition...
  4. AmberCutie

    Things Models & Users do that you LIKE?

    That's totally up to you, not required.
  5. AmberCutie

    Things Models & Users do that you LIKE?

    That's one of the best feelings!
  6. AmberCutie

    Things Models & Users do that you LIKE?

    Ninja tips are what we call hidden tips on MFC. What you describes sounds more like a drive by lol. That's my tipping style when I drop in a model's room - a quick hello and tip then bail!
  7. AmberCutie

    Banned for for underage kid stuff but I didn’t know 😔 was just trying to satisfy a fan sigh

    The ignorance being repeated over and over is exhausting. Be gone. You're incredibly rude and obtuse, I am not shocked you got banned, or for any future bans you get on other sites with your attitude.
  8. AmberCutie

    Banned for for underage kid stuff but I didn’t know 😔 was just trying to satisfy a fan sigh

    Bolded stuff for emphasis on the issue that you replied saying OK is "taken part". Hope that clears things up.
  9. AmberCutie

    90% commission on the, somebody heard about that? :O

    I find it incredibly tacky when people pretend they don’t work for the site itself and try to generate hype this way. Nice try.
  10. AmberCutie

    Help with Banned Account

    the CB rep won't take that kind of responsibility here to actually give you more info. I'm sorry but they've already done as much as they're willing to do for you here. Best advice is to move to a better cam site to continue your streaming.
  11. AmberCutie

    Friendship between a model and a member

    Yeah I hate to say it @InannahQoH but I think you keep struggling and grasping at any means possible to fit in or impress because you don't fit into the main groups of people that this forum is meant for. You're not a model (even if you had succeeded with your animated cam persona, you would not...
  12. AmberCutie

    Things Models & Users do that you LIKE?

    Depends on how the model likes her room run.
  13. AmberCutie

    The Annual Holiday Movie Thread!

    I might actually give this a try since I enjoy the cast members
  14. AmberCutie

    slow times?

    November has been my lowest earning month on Onlyfans since before Covid... I'm trying not to take it personally.
  15. AmberCutie

    Girlfriend is returning to webcaming after leaving

    I mean, at some point if your boyfriend/girlfriend relationship was an actual relationship, going private probably isn't something you'd be doing anymore. You'd have your private calls/facetime/skype on her non-work hours. So no need to be on the cam site with her.