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    Is there a decline in the number of Chaturbate's viewers?

    Gosh, that darn MFC algorithm with camscore sorting their homepage sure sounds way worse than this scammable crap! :D /end sarcasm
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    First off, GTFO with this sorta shit here. Secondly, I would stand by this statement. Everyone at this forum has agreed that there are shady tactics in a lot of the top rooms, but that by no means confirms that it's the ONLY way to be highly listed. Step carefully if you would like to remain...
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    Can the model see my accounts?

    We can't see this information. I'm not sure how your name would show up in her friend list or, say, in previous MFC mail conversations if your account was deactivated or deleted. (But I believe MFC doesn't delete accounts.) The only way I have connected 2 accounts being the same person is when...
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    High camscore platinum model trying to skype scam me

    Their wiki also tells you the very few admin names that exist on MFC and that they will never contact you aside from Official mfc mail or myfreecams mail.
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    Who is this camgirl? Can you Identify this girl? Threads...

    most definitely do not do that.
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    What has happened to MFC??!

    Same here. I watched her kind of “grow up”, so to speak, on MFC so it is hard to see her gone. But she is so busy with such astonishing things that I’m looking forward to seeing her adventures on Snapchat.
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    Very inappropriate messages from members...Can we do anything about it?

    Seems that's exactly what you're doing.
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    What has happened to MFC??!

    She seems to only cam on her own camsite Camversity now, as far as I can tell. She's obviously still around but faked a retirement and came back then did a little disappearing act for a bit and came out with the news that she actually has a small child (apparently hid her pregnancy while...
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    Very inappropriate messages from members...Can we do anything about it?

    Just had a rant about this while on cam last night. There's a way to ease into displaying your kink to a live cam model. And making your opening introduction with a very visible cue to your off-kilter (non-vanilla is how I described it last night) is not proper and likely WILL result in us...
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    MFC Club Show?

    Click the button at the bottom of the broadcaster, then select which clubs will be allowed into the show. Then hit start club show, and it'll take you into it just like a group or private.
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    stalker issue on mfc.

    Means we can't tell what the hell you're talking about. You make no sense.
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    That's simply wrong!

    There was absolutely no point in linking that here. Warning sent. It's one thing if it's something huge and discussion-worthy (like news articles that are already in heavy circulation in the community, it's happened before), but there's nothing even notable about this subject. Use your head...
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    Recording my shows

    You're derailing this thread. Please create a new thread if you have an actual issue to discuss.
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    Recording my shows

    The OP of this thread is well aware what is out there. I've seen all your posts so far are on this subject, but you're new here so spend some time reading on what we've already posted about it.
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    Logitech webcams

    It's kind of common with the older Logitech models, this happened to a few of my 9000's back in the day. The c922 will be most comparable to the 920 if you're looking for an easy transition. The Brio is harder to fine tune.