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  1. AvrilxLust

    Streaming and showing my face after 2 years of anon - need advice!

    Thank you for your answers! I did it as a Goal, a lot of people came and watched and it felt amazing and so liberating. From now on I'll be streaming with my whole being ❤
  2. AvrilxLust

    Streaming and showing my face after 2 years of anon - need advice!

    Hey! For the last 2 years I've been streaming on Chaturbate + making content on ManyVids & Pornhub - all of this while not showing my face or rarely showing my face WITH a mask (and it was usually an expensive add-on for my buyers). Now, I'm getting real tired of doing this - of hiding my...
  3. AvrilxLust

    How much caffeine in a day?

    Fortunately, my boyfriend showed me some Youtube vids about coffee addiction and how there's A LOT of marketing about the benefits of coffee but there's no word about it's bad effects.. It's probably one of the top traded products in the world so it makes sense that a lot of money are used to...
  4. AvrilxLust

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    Feels to bad to know I'm in the "decapitated models" category lol! But.. I need my privacy. I don't even really speak with my family because they are very toxic but if they'd find out I do this, I'm really afraid of what could happen. Hope someday I can be free of this burden :cat:
  5. AvrilxLust


    Hey! Portugal is one of the coutries I want to live in in the next couple years, so if you can send me that Guide too it would be GREAT! Thank you so much for all these answers, made me realize I should really start looking for an accountant to help me pay my taxes :oops:
  6. AvrilxLust

    Poll: How has Covid-19 affected Camsites?

    I think overall there might be more users but not more tokens. Yes, people are home but lots of them also don't have a job or earn way less + having other people in the house.. it's harder to join a show, most are probably just watching. I've actually felt a drop in my earnings - this might...
  7. AvrilxLust

    Lighting - tips, tricks, links, etc.

    Hey! Just wanted to check'in and say one thing that helped me THE MOST regarding Lightning - I moved my desk so I can face the windows when I stream! I have NO idea why it took me almost a year before I've done this haha... thought maybe some of you are also not realizing how important pure...
  8. AvrilxLust

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hi! I'm Pussy_Candy aka TeenDesire18 - nice to meet you all! I've been camming for almost 2 years and I LOVE IT! My TeenDesire18 alias was created so I can post with my bf on pornhub. We thought it might take away from my MV sales if we use the same name, but we recently realised that's probably...