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Streaming and showing my face after 2 years of anon - need advice!

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For the last 2 years I've been streaming on Chaturbate + making content on ManyVids & Pornhub - all of this while not showing my face or rarely showing my face WITH a mask (and it was usually an expensive add-on for my buyers).

Now, I'm getting real tired of doing this - of hiding my whole expression because of fear. But recently I've stopped hiding what I do from the new people coming into my life and from old friends that I know are trustworthy. I've been hiding all this time because I was very afraid of my family, cause they can become violent and other ugly stuff... It's more to say, but I'm gonna face it all and keep myself safe from them.
I feel like it's time for me to push through this fear!

Now, here's the advice I'm looking for - how can I do this in a way that actually expresses to the viewers how big of a deal this is for me? I don't want to just get on Chaturbate and start posting Pornhub vids without a mask like nothing's changed.
How could I make this a real event?

And also, how could I monetize it best?

Regarding streaming, I guess I'm just going to announce the date I'm entering without a mask and.. that's it. At least if I can't find any other better idea.

Regarding my videos, I'm thinking that I should continue to post vids without face on Pornhub Free and only show my faces in my paid videos / fan club - do you think that's ok? Is there anything better I could do?

Would love to hear your opinion on this, especially if there are any girls seeing this that went from being anon to showing themselves completely!

Thanks for reading! ❤❤


Cam Model
Jan 29, 2020
I would do a "reveal day" and hype it up before the big day. Show teasers of close up things like your lips as you put on lipstick to prepare. Or a close up of your eye, batting your lashes. Just give them tiny glimpses on your social media sites and drum up an audience. Then maybe a countdown show where you start the camera low and reach goal to move it up. Do that a few times until your face is in the shot.

Just throwing out ideas. I think you could have fun with it.

Do what you're comfortable with. If you want to show your face in some places and not in others, so be it. Your life, your rules.
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