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  1. StormiAnderson

    Remaining anonymous pros and cons

    Hey! I am about to start camming. I have a good full time job and this is something I’d like to do on the side for some extra spending money. I have been considering the pros and cons of showing my face vs. not. I think I would like to remain anonymous - I have an amazing body if I don’t say so...
  2. Lilah_Marquise

    Constructive Criticism for a Chaturbate Newbie?

    So I've just started camming on Chaturbate and am struggling. I've done 4 shows, made a grand total of 69 (lol) tokens, and can only get around 10 guys on at a time, most of them either grey or unregistered. I don't expect to make much money or get thousands of followers right from the start...
  3. Witchessleep

    Sites that allow masks/hide face

    I looked on some sites and there seems to be a mix of camgirls being allowed to hide their faces ("and the money they get) but the overall message I got was some sites allow it, some don't and some successful models don't show their face. The only cam sites I'm familiar with are mfc and...
  4. E

    Hello, just a couple of questions.

    Hello, My name is Ellie and I would like to try camming again as a way to make a little bit more money. I'm working part-time and live with my parents because my mother has melanoma/skin cancer. To clarify, I did webcamming on MFC a couple of years ago but I would only do it if my parents...